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The US Department of Defense (DoD) and its allies have historically been the inventors of new technology, but the innovative approaches taking place in today’s private sector are helping to foster a new era of defense technology. With non-traditional business models and a track record of investing in its own research and development to deliver game-changing capabilities before a program of record is ever established, partnering with the private sector will allow the U.S. and its allies to maintain a competitive edge across today’s data-driven battlespace. Download this white paper to learn more about private sector best practices that are rapidly delivering unprecedented warfighter operational capabilities.


Checking in on remote assets

Checking in on remote assets

Remote telemetry units (RTUs) and SCADA systems have been essential to support the roll out of mobile communications and broadcasting mediums, especially those in remote locations. Moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have, remote monitoring of systems and assets is absolutely necessary in the 21st century broadcasting sector.

Philippe Aretz, Channel Sales Director, Ovarro (previously Servelec Technologies)

Cloud gaming - the rise of games broadcasting

Cloud gaming - the rise of games broadcasting

Cloud gaming is the latest next-generation technology taking the video games industry by storm.
Unlike the clunky peripheral sensations of years past, cloud gaming stresses its innovation through the power of connectivity, making use of emergent cloud technology to stream video games to users, just as they would with satellite cable TV. The broadcast industry stands to be forever changed by the inclusion of gaming media as a streamed product.

Laurence Russell, News & Social Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

When every second counts

November 23, 2020

When every second counts

For disaster response teams, time is always of the essence and in order to respond rapidly to
unfolding events the connectivity available to them is essential. In this article, ST Engineering
iDirect explores the challenges posed in the aftermath of the recent Hurricane Laura and the
importance of satellite connectivity in re-establishing communications.

Koen Willems, Head of International Government Market and
Strategy, ST Engineering iDirect

Earth observation in times of COVID

November 24, 2020

Earth observation is one of the oldest applications of satellite technology, and one that provides a huge amount of value to everyday life without the general population being particularly aware of it. In times like these, with pandemic upon us, satellite enabled Earth observation is more important than ever before for continued remote environmental monitoring, and to track staple utility, energy and agricultural patterns.

Dr Amy Saunders, Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

The Digital Oilfield can be key to Asian energy operations

November 23, 2020

The Digital Oilfield can be key to Asian energy operations

Einstein’s law of relativity states, amongst other things, that nothing in the perceivable universe can travel faster than the speed of light. When the theory that matter in a quantum state could be capable of breaking many, if not all the laws he had staked his reputation on, Einstein memorably dubbed the concept “spooky” to consider and suggested some part of the science may be incomplete. In the 21st century, quantum technology has very much flown the theoretical stage, presenting a plethora of new capabilities for
communications more than capable of redefining mankind’s relationship with technology.

Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink

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