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Satellite Evolution EMEA

May 17, 2020

Helen Weedon, Managing Director, Satcoms Innovation Group

With increasingly large numbers of small satellite constellations being brought to fruition, space traffic management, debris and orbit allocations are becoming more vital than ever before. Valuable lessons can be learned from GEO which may smooth the way for the upcoming LEO constellations.

May 16, 2020

Laurence Russell talks to ND SATCOM Sales Director - Bernd Lehr

ND SATCOM is a German satellite communications developer and system integrator specialising in large, complex projects featuring software and hardware development and customisability. They’re known to their partners and customers for providing flexible, reliable support for their products and systems. We spoke to Sales Director Bernd Lehr to discuss their recent successes.

May 14, 2020

Dr Amy Saunders

Satellite news gathering (SNG), traditionally enabled by Outside Broadcast (OB) trucks, has a long and extremely successful history of utilising satellite to transmit events, either minutes after happening or even live, from the ends of the Earth to the comfort of your own home. Recent years have seen a shift away from traditional SNG methods, like OB trucks and their teams, towards single, ultra-mobile journalists and their smartphones.

May 14, 2020

Hank Zbierski, Chief Catalyst and Co-Founder, Isotropic Networks

The 5G revolution is upon us, and everyone from service providers to terrestrial network operators, satellite owners and teleports are
getting in on the action. The new ultralow latency connectivity is expected to usher in a new world of machine-to-machine  communications and Internet of Things applications, with great opportunities for teleports across the globe.

May 13, 2020

Dr Amy Saunders talks to Tore Morten, President of Marlink Maritime

Marlink is a world-leading provider of managed connectivity and IT solutions for maritime and enterprise customers ranging from global on-demand MSS services to regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band, C-band and HTS-ready maritime VSAT systems. Tore Morten, President of Marlink Maritime, outlines their recent successes and explains what’s next for the company.

May 12, 2020

Laurence Russell talks to Sean Wiid, UP42’s CPO

UP42, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence, is a developer platform and marketplace which aims to  simplify the way businesses can derive insights from geospatial data at scale. The company launched in early 2019, gaining a lot of traction with a diverse portfolio of companies, and has gone from strength to strength. Sean Wiid, UP42’s CPO, opines on what they’ve done right, and what he expects to see from the company as it finds its feet.

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