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Walton De-Ice
Comtech EF Data

Space technology electronic systems have evolved to meet the needs of long range performance in extreme physical and environmental situations. From launch to deep space travel, the demands can be daunting, considering that they cannot fail, and cannot be repaired. During launch from earth, the high shock and vibrations that the craft goes through can damage somewhat standard electronic components.

Omnetics' connectors: Deep space key capabilities

By Bob Stanton, Director of Technology

Omnetics’ connectors are mounted on printed circuit boards, must withstand potential sheering from the high G forces placed upon them. Since we all know that force is a product of “mass-times acceleration”, we often select connectors as well as other components to be small, lightweight and of low profile.

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Feb 18, 2020

Andrej Lovsin, CEO at STN

The satellite sector is very much an aging industry; highly experienced engineers are increasingly coming into their retirement years, and not being replaced with enough new talent. This is a problem industry wide, but particularly in the teleport market, as outlined by Andrej Lovsin, CEO at STN.

Feb 11, 2020

Dr Amy Saunders, Editor

Cybersecurity is old hat; we all understand why it’s important to protect our data from those with malicious intent, and most people are aware of the large-scale attacks on commercial corporations, governments and defence, and the need for these groups to protect themselves too. Cyber resiliency, namely built-in resistance to cyber-attacks, is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the commercial and government worlds, responding to the ever-growing threat we face today.

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