Satellite Evolution Americas

The Americas comprise the totality of the continents of North and South America. Together, they make up most of the land in Earth's western hemisphere and comprise the New World. Satellite Evolution AMERICAS explores the satellite, space, newspace and military sectors.

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Satellite Evolution Americas Magazine

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Antennas

  • Airbus delivers strong new market

  • Steering towards the finish line

  • Comtech Satellite Network Technologies born to optimize increasingly sophisticated networks

  • Securing Space

  • Developing connectivity technology

  • 5G IoT connectivity

  • An industry determined to lead and innovate emerges amid a pandemic at Satellite 2021

Satellite Evolution Americas Magazine

August 2020

Cover Story: Space Debris

  • Q&A Heidi Thelander, Vice President of Business Development, Comtech Xicom Technology

  • Next generation antennas for NGSO satellites

  • Q&A Steve Richeson, VP Sales & Marketing, Mission Microwave

  • Connecting the unconnected

  • Big plans for small satellite launches

  • A critical year for small satellites 

Satellite Evolution Americas Magazine

July/August 2021

Cover Story: Mission Microwave

  • Q&A Francis Auricchio, President and CEO, Mission Microwave

  • In-orbit servicing

  • Open RAN – What is it and will it impact the satellite industry?

  • The key to leading in the modern space era   

  • Satellite design for long life, high speed data management and connection

  • Q&A Jeromy Grimmett, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Rogue Space Systems Corporation 

  • Space cowboys

Satellite Evolution Americas Magazine

March 2020

Cover Story: 2020 Space Trends

  • Q&A Tony Radford, Vice President Global Sales at Advantech Wireless Technologies

  • Q&A Rob Spicer, President and CEO, TriSept 

  • Global Broadcast Service provides needed  communications resiliency

  • Gaming at 33,000 feet – But keep an eye on your data

  • Space Flight Laboratory and Kepler Communications take a new approach to satellite development and production

  • Q&A Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, talks about Certus, Iridium NEXT

  • Tactical communications developments 

Satellite Evolution Americas Magazine

March/April 2021

Cover Story: Artifical Intelligence

  • Q&A Scott Sprague, CCO, Isotropic Systems

  • LEO satellites will change the world of remote connectivity

  • Humanitarian relief efforts get extra help from satellite technology and software innovation

  • How a year of distancing has accelerated mobile broadcasting technologies

  • The digital revolution