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AVCOM of Virginia
AVCOM of Virginia

Vertically integrated technology company


AVCOM of Virginia is a vertically integrated technology company with 30 years of experience in the design
and manufacture of commercial high quality spectrum analyzers and signal monitoring products in the USA.
Founded in 1976, AVCOM initially provided the SATCOM industry with our PSR-3 Satellite Receiver.

Continued innovation and development of technology has enabled us to now offer a wide range of spectrum
analyzers for the Broadcast, Teleport, Defence, Aerospace, Wireless, and Oil & Gas communications market

Forsway 5G

Forsway 5G


Billions of people cannot access Internet due to infrastructure deficiencies, mainly in emerging markets but also rural areas in Europe and USA.


To reduce the digital divide and to increase prosperity globally new low-cost broadband solutions are needed. Cellular technologies such as 3G and 4G are not cost- effective to provide broadband in areas with low population density or low ARPU. Satellite and DVB-T2 technology has for a long time been the most cost-effective technology to provide TV broadcast services.


This paper will describe a hybrid satellite/DVB-T2 – cellular/xDSL solution combining the ubiquitous downlink coverage of satellite/DVB-T2 and low-cost uplink of terrestrial technology to provide broadband to all. We call it 5G.

C-COM - Stay Connected with iNetVu®

Stay Connected with iNetVu®


Whether transferring scientific data from isolated mobile labs or acquiring critical information in a time of need, the iNetVu® comes ONLINE, ON TIME, EVERY TIME. That’s why iNetVu® is the commercial mobile antenna of choice for enterprises, governments, and disaster management teams who rely on the availability of remote communications.

C-COMs expansive antenna lineup offers customers a variety of models and sizes to choose from, depending on their specific requirement. Our next generation Ka-band systems have been certified on the following Ka-band services: ViaSat (Exede), Eutelsat (Tooway), Hughes, Yahsat, and Avanti (Hylas-2) and many of our systems are Ku to Ka upgradable. As new Ka-band services are deployed around the globe, you can bet there will be an iNetVu® mobile model to support it.

Multi-Port Decimator D4

Multiport Decimator D4 -
Advanced Spectrum Monitoring & Signal Analysis

The new Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer remotely monitors RF communication signals around the world using a standard internet connection.

Decimator D4 is designed for users with advanced requirements.

  • HTML5 user interface supports all web browsers on all devices

  • Input frequency range of 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz

  • Secure web-based access with HTTPS

  • DVB-S/S2/S2X demodulation & signal analysis

  • Available in Multi-port (4/8 port), PCIe card & Portable form factors.

Ideal for monitoring RF feeds & carriers in satellite, wired & terrestrial wireless networks.

Contact us for details |

Comtech Command & Control
Comtech Command & Control

Low/Medium Earth orbit satellite tracking antenna systems


Comtech Space & Component Technology has developed a cost-effective X/Y antenna pedestal technology that specializes in precision antenna tracking. Our systems are specifically designed for low and medium earth orbits that support Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, and TT&C applications.

We offer a range of X/Y tracking antennas from 30 centimeters to 11 meters coupled with our installation expertise and worldwide support in extreme environments such as the Arctic, Middle East and Tropics.

Comtech Space & Component Technology provides the customer a complete satellite and tracking solution for your ground stations.

Northern Sky Research
Satellite in OTT wonderland

Satellite in OTT wonderland

Video markets are still the “bread and
butter” of the satellite industry,
constituting a large percentage of
overall revenues.

However, it is facing challenges in the
new ecosystem as video consumption
migrates to connected devices such
as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs
and OTT Set-Top-Boxes which are IP based and therefore exclude satellite distribution. Now, these connected devices do not rely on broadcast (one common stream for all) but rather on unicast connections (individualized connections) which - at the rate they are currently  proliferating - raises a yet unresolved issue with network scalability.

Satellite remains a more rational
choice for reaching large audiences
and for connecting areas where
broadband coverage is insufficient for
video but it needs to find a way to address connected devices.

Carnegie Satellite Solutions
Carnegie Satellite Solutions

Connect and Deploy from Anywhere

Carnegie Satellite Solutions (CSS) is a division of Carnegie Technologies that is dedicated to breaking the cost and size barriers that have kept general consumers out of satellite communications. Our game-changing solutions makes satellite communications easy, affordable and accessible to just about anyone, including outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, disaster recovery teams, first responders and much more.

Swedish Microwave
Peak Communications

Customised communications since 1986


Swedish Microwave (SMW) is a leading manufacturer of professional Low Noise Blockdownconverters (LNB) for the satellite market. The products are used in VSAT systems (Very Small Aperture Terminals), SNGs (Satellite News Gathering), Cable-TV headends, Marine VSAT, and Satcom-On-The-Move applications.

All work is in-house allowing custom-design products, short delivery times, high flexibility, quick service and support. Swedish Microwave designs and manufactures its products in Motala, SWEDEN, and has shipped to more than 127 countries.

Since we started Swedish Microwave (SMW) in 1986 our business has seen many companies come and go. Today we are Europe’s oldest manufacturer of Low Noise Block converters (LNBs), serving a global market.

Peak Communications

High Quality RF Equipment for Satellite Earth Stations

Peak Communications are a long established, privately owned company based in the United Kingdom, which has been manufacturing products for the Satellite and Telecommunications market since 1995. Supplying to both the commercial and military sectors it has built a substantial client base that includes many of the major Earth Station Operators, System Integrators, Defence/Government Agencies and
Broadcasters around the world.

The company’s main expertise is in standard frequency conversion products, however, a substantial part of the sales growth has been due to a highly responsive design and manufacturing capability with the flexibility to provide custom built or modified equipment, based around RF
technology, within short time frames and realistic budgets and normally without the need for NRE charges.


50 years and counting

The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) was founded in 1967 to deliver TV and radio broadcast and  communications services. The company owns the largest satellite constellation in Russia, in addition to its capacity  leased from other operators. The RSCC has a network of  telecommunications and its own high-speed fibre. Amy  Saunders spoke with Yuri Prokhorov, Director General of the RSCC, to find out more about the company’s market presence, services, and outlook, in its 50th year of operations.

SpacePath TWTA Product Range

TWTA Product Range


Based on 30 years' experience in design and manufacture, the Stellar range of satellite amplifiers has earned a reputation for extremely robust, reliable and highly efficient, high power satellite uplink amplifiers for indoor and outdoor applications.

The STR Series rack mount TWTAs provide an easy to operate, colour touch screen interface with a multi-functional selector wheel.

Come see us at Stand No: 5.B48b

LP Technologies: Spectrum Monitoring Solutions

Spectrum Monitoring Solutions


LP Technologies (LPT) is an American company based in Wichita, Kansas, close to the geographical center of the United States. We are the industry leader in affordable spectrum analyzers and effective carrier monitoring – interference detection systems. Since the beginning, LP Technologies has been a pioneer of multi-port remote-controlled spectrum analyzers, and we are proud to set the pace of innovation for satellite communication. We combine the latest signal processing technology, our customers’ input, common sense, and our two decade industry experience to make revolutionary products. We are innovators; we understand the market, our customers, and their respective applications, and we make complicated things easy.


Don't roll the dice when selecting

your high-throughput satellite provider

As connectivity becomes more pervasive the world over, the global demand for broadband is skyrocketing across industries. 

In the midst of this demand spike, high-throughput satellites (HTS) are changing the connectivity game, enabling regions that may have been previously unreachable or underserved to finally access connectivity enjoyed by others. 
But, not all HTS are created equal, and your choice of provider has implications for your ability to meet growing demands and offer your end-users the customized, differentiated solutions they require. 

ND SatCom
Portable Cells for LTE over Satellite

Portable Cells for LTE over Satellite

The efficiency of military, border control and disaster relief and emergency organizations is heavily dependent on the communication capabilities within and beyond each entity. Their network-centric operations require a communication network supporting today’s command, control and information services. Mobile communication is one of the most mission-critical assets in this structure since it enables exchange, from voice to video, between command and field forces.


Discover the exciting THOR 7 satellite

The HTS Ka-band payload on THOR 7, delivers the highest performing satellite payload designed for the maritime market. THOR 7 targets the North Sea, North Atlantic/Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Mediterranean.


Its HTS payload uses more concentrated spot beams which deliver higher performance than a conventional beam. Therefore, Telenor Satellite is able to deliver cost-effective solutions, supporting higher speeds for users with smaller antennas.

CRYSTAL Spectrum Monitoring & Recording

Spectrum Monitoring & Recording

Crystal Spectrum Monitoring & Recording (SMR) is an affordable, easy-to-use spectrum monitoring system ideally suited for the Satellite Industry. Crystal Spectrum Monitoring & Recording uses single spectrum analyzer to monitor multiple RF sources.


Crystal Spectrum Monitoring & Recording use’s single spectrum analyzer to monitor multiple RF sources. It can work as a stand-alone solution or, when easily
integrated with Crystal Solutions’ leading Network Management System plus automation (NMS+), SMR can react to detected anomalies and automatically route affected signals to advanced analysis devices for further investigation or even reconfigure earth station equipment
to activate an alternate path to restore services.

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