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September 2019

It’s nearer the end of 2019 than the start (where did the time go?), and it’s been a major year for connectivity and automation. This year, we’ve seen the first 5G networks launched in the UK – this is big news, especially for the machine-to-machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous transport sectors. The new high-speed connectivity is set to open up a whole host of new applications, and consumers and businesses are alike are getting very excited.

August 2019

Over the top (OTT) streaming services have experienced unprecedented popularity; the market is expected to grow from US$97.43 billion to a whopping US$332.52 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 16.7 percent. As more and more big names enter the fray, with Disney, Apple and WarnerMedia coming soon, the market is becoming extremely competitive. In an interesting new take on OTT services, it was announced that Steven Spielberg is preparing a horror series to be viewed on mobile phones, which can only be watched when it’s dark outside. ‘Spielberg’s After Dark’ will span 10-12 episodes and be available exclusively on Quibi, a new OTT platform in the making dedicated to short-form video, created by former Disney and HP executives.

July 2019

It was recently brought to my attention that new doors are opening for the drone industry. As satellite sector participants, we’re well-versed with drones being utilised for a number of applications; beyond-line-of-sight communications (in the battlefield, for example), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), commercial deliveries, aerial photography, racing, as satellite simulators (for fine-tuning the installation of a shipboard antenna), off-world prospecting, etc. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

June 2019

In Britain, summer has officially arrived. Early sunrises lead into long hazy days, and seemingly never-ending evenings. The streets are bustling with tourists, BBQ smoke is everywhere, and the clink of ice never far away. While we bask in the heat, it’s important not to forget about weather going on across the rest of the world. Here in the UK, we tend to complain whatever the weather; it’s too cold, it’s too windy, it’s too wet, and then, as soon as summer hits, it’s too hot! Perhaps it’s because of the national obsession of discussing the weather at every possible moment, however, recent years have given us some unseasonably scorching temperatures. In the summer of 2018, UK temperatures peaked at 35.3 degrees Celsius in August, and the heat wave brought with it drought, hosepipe bans, crop failures and wildfires. This extreme weather is just one example of climate change, a global and persistent problem which, despite what naysayers’ spout, is already affecting us all.

May 2019

Since humankind first walked the Earth, we have been modifying our bodies. Contrary to the argument parents might face with their children about why a nose ring might be desired, tattoos, piercings, scarification and surgery have been used for millennia to differentiate ourselves from others or identify with a particular group.

April 2019

Accessing space is expensive, so much so that when the first satellites launched into orbit around our world, they were the preserve of government organisations alone. The world’s first satellite, Sputnik 1, was placed into orbit by the Soviet Union in 1957 and marked a major step in the exploration of space. Later in 1960, the world’s first satellite designed for communications applications, Echo 1, was launched into orbit by NASA. While the commercial segment started to edge into the space arena with the 1962 launch of Telstar 1, it
wasn’t until much later that commercial entities gained a real foothold in the newly-opened space sector.

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