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Paris Space Week

23 Sep 2020


2019 has been quite a year for the satellite industry. From major acquisitions to key technological advancements and innovations, the last year has seen a bit of everything.  With the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that is making shockwaves through every industry in the world, it will have a significant impact on the satellite industry as well.

The consumer market for satellite services are unlikely to be cut during a time of stay-at-home orders.  We have seen a spike in demand for streaming services in the second half of March when the pandemic kicked into high gear and more stringent lockdowns were put in place. It will be interesting to see how resilient the satellite industry is and how it well-poised it is in surmounting the challenges ahead and finding opportunities during the time of COVID-19 and the inevitable global recovery.

What’s New for 2020?

  • Asia Pacific Leaders Roundtable: Satellite Trends with the impact of COVID-19

  • Weighing the Bear vs Bull Case for 5G

  • Outcomes from WRC-19: View on Asia

  • 2020: A landmark year for 4K UHD?

  • Satellite Financing: What to watch for in 2021 and beyond

  • Driving Global Growth for the satellite industry in the next decade

27 Sep 2020


Unmanned aerial systems are increasingly taking their place as indispensable assets to the modern military: whether as long range ISR assets, remote combat UAS, soldier-launched tactical systems, or “wingmen” for manned aircraft, UAVs are now a reality of warfare. With this in mind, SMi Group proudly presents the 5th annual UAV Technology conference, taking place on the 28th – 29th September 2020, in London, UK.


As investment continues to grow to reflect the increasing reliance on unmanned assets, there has never been a more important time to explore the latest technology, trends and developments in unmanned aerial systems. As the leading conference in Europe concentrating on UAVs, SMi’s 2020 UAV Technology conference is expected to be the biggest year yet. Delegates can anticipate that this year’s event will address key topics such as long range ISR capabilities, wingmen programmes, regulation, counter-UAS technology and many more!


Key reasons to attend:

  • Meet and network with leaders in UAV technology from industry, military and government across two days, including dedicated networking lunches and drinks reception, at the leading event in Europe on UAVs.

  • Hear updates and guidance from world leading UAV programme managers

  • Delve into the latest topics and trends shaping the future of unmanned aerial systems

  • Discover cutting-edge UAV technology to enhance operational effectiveness and explore opportunities for greater coalition interoperability

The 2020 event will comprise of a wide variety of attendees such as programme managers, requirement planners, operational users and industry technical experts to share their knowledge and experiences with UAV technologies.


Early bird discounts:

Book by April 30th to save £600!

Book by May 29th to save £300!

Book by June 30th to save £200!


Register online at  

28 Sep 2020

Singapore Expo

The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC), in conjunction with Informa Markets, will present three days of sessions at ConnecTechAsia 2020, Asia’s biggest telecom industry event. The event will take place on the Satcomm exhibition floor, and will be open to all 35,000+exhibition attendees. The program will be focused on customer verticals, and will feature case studies, executive interviews, presentations and a series of themed interactive sessions – all intended to showcase APSCC members, and provide a value-added experience for participants.

28 Sep 2020


ConnecTechAsia – Asia's Leading Infocomm Media and Technology Event will be held on a virtual platform from 29 September to 01 October 2020. Pivoting to an online stage, ConnecTechAsia, incorporating BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia, SatelliteAsia and co-located with TechXLR8 Asia, will be a three-day virtual event which will thereafter turn into a 24/7, 365 days interactive marketplace.


Be inspired and engage at over 220 live keynote, Q&A and breakout sessions as a conference delegate or get access to 200 companies on the virtual exhibition floor as a registered attendee to view tech showcases, forge new business relationships, and much more.
Register at:

05 Oct 2020


SMi Group are delighted to announce the 11th Air Mission Planning and Support conference, which will return to London on the 6th – 7th October 2020.

This year’s Air Mission Planning and Support conference is expected to be the biggest year yet. Following the success of the preceding year, the two-day agenda will have a particular focus on maximising air power and the technological innovations that will impact on current dynamic challenges.


What are the themes for this event?


The event will be exploring themes of technologies, integration and future platforms to take Air Mission Planning into the next generation, providing agile end to end mission support. Air Mission Planning will also include briefs concentrating on a number of topics, ranging from data management to 5th generation integration, from cyber security to multi-domain operations and more. The above topics and newly introduced components represent critical developments and military assets that will radically improve air capabilities in the present and future.


Key Reasons to Attend Air Mission Planning and Support 2020:


  • The only conference on air mission support and planning covering all areas such as fast-jet, heavy-lift, rotary perspectives and many more!

  • Highlighting the technological aspects integrated into next generation mission support – subsequently providing an in-depth insight on the innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

  • More international speakers than ever before, from leading air systems development and procurement

Early bird deadlines:


  • Register by 30th April to save £600!

  • Register by 29th May to save £300!

  • Register by 30th June to save £200!


To register or for more information visit:    

05 Oct 2020


The Nextv Series MENA will include One to One sessions, panel discussions and live debates. It provides the opportunity to learn facts, stats and updates from the best industry under one roof and interact with the best in the industry. The event also provides networking activities for the attendees to mingle and further nourish their business relationships and explore new business opportunities.

05 Oct 2020


Within the Asian landscape, India with its 1.3 billion people has always been unique. After years of becoming one of the world’s most important pay-TV markets, a new revolution is underway. While growth in TV continues, mobile internet is exploding and providing what could soon be one of the world’s biggest video streaming markets. The entry of more than 30 streaming platforms in a span of barely three years speaks volume about the massive potential this industry has. As 2020 progresses, it will be of interest to many to find out what trends the video streaming industry in India will see play out this year, and what key drivers of growth will be for industry players and customers.


What’s New for 2020?

  • Reinvention – Keeping DTH Relevant to Consumers

  • Monetising from Cash Based Markets with Technology

  • Is SVOD Giving way to AVOD Owing to Market Compulsions?

  • In Conversation: YouTube Crafts Out a New Strategy

  • Ideas that Scale: Localising Global Formats for India Market

  • In conversation: Consumers and Content in a Mobile Economy

  • How e-Payment Platforms are Accelerating India’s Digital Economy Growth?

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11 Oct 2020

The 5th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe conference returns to Prague, Czech Republic on the 18th and 19th May 2020.

With regional nations overhauling their legacy equipment to bring their combat vehicles in line with current allied capabilities, Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe 2020 will provide a critical insight into what requirements are being pursued by regional armed forces, reinforcing interoperability and cooperation.


Gathering senior representatives from around the world to examine doctrine for ground forces including how nations are training, manoeuvring and supplying their forces in the field.


Key reasons to attend:

  • This is Central and Eastern Europe’s most focused armoured vehicles meeting, where you can hear exclusive keynote briefings delivered by senior military officers in national modernisation programmes.

  • 5+ hours of informal networking for key decision makers to share their goals with industry and enhancing engagement in national defence projects.

  • International audience – last year’s event attracted over 120 attendees from: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the US.

  • Learn about the regional focuses for adopting and integrating new capabilities.

18 Oct 2020


SMi Group are pleased to present the Military PNT conference, which will convene in London on the 18th-19th May 2020.


Military PNT will host a range of presentations from both the commercial (NAVISP, UK GNSS) and military (GPS, NTS-3) graded capability, aiming to cover satellite navigation technology in depth, with topics such as PNT resilience, legal frameworks, a case study analysis on GNSS outages and how warfighters operate in denied and degraded environments.


Bringing together requirement officers, procurement officials, R&D scientists, operators and industry representatives, Military PNT is an essential date for all those in the field.



Highlights of Military PNT:

  • Senior military briefings comprehensively covering GPS and NTS-3 programmes: highlighting the present and future of PNT.

  • Hear key updates from commercial solution providers building cutting edge technologies with international partners

  • Explore a diverse array of topics including PNT resilience, legal frameworks, case study analysis on GNSS outages and warfighter navigation requirements.

  • Understand how the UK’s PNT landscape will look in a post-Galileo environment

  • Engage with senior military and industry leaders in PNT


Early bird deadlines:

  • Register by 31st January 2020 to save £400

  • Register by 28th February 2020 to save £200

  • Register by 31st March 2020 to save £100


To register or for more information visit  

26 Oct 2020


CABSAT now in its 26th edition will evolve to keep pace with the transforming satellite industry and grow accordingly with new end-user markets, applications and technologies.

SATEXPO – presented by CABSAT is the only platform in the MEASA region bringing senior buyers in sat-comms, tech and business solutions together for 3 days under one roof. SATEXPO represents the entire ecosystem of satellite carriers, manufacturers, service providers and integrators serving government and military, maritime, aviation, broadcasters, Telco’s, commercial business enterprises or aerospace industries.

Make sure you come to SATEXPO at CABSAT 2020 from 31-March to 02-April at Dubai World Trade Centre to make sound, future-proof investments, strategic alliances & partnerships and speak to the leading global satellite vendors about what they’re doing to ensure security and reliability in this unstable world.

27 Oct 2020


Maritime ISR Global 2019 will welcome 150 senior leaders from the UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, NATO and many others to set a roadmap for delivering persistent maritime ISR. With Europe’s defence narrative focused on the threat of peer conflict in the land environment, the Black Sea serves as a reminder that the ability to operate at sea is just as intrinsic to NATO’s strategic priorities. As the uptick in non-NATO activity continues, its waters have become an important case study for delivering a global joint ISR capability – one that can overcome an increased operational tempo to sustain a high-level of decision support to the war fighter.

05 Nov 2020

Virtual Event

Proximum Group is Launching the 24 Hrs Global Space Innovation Online Meetings Event that is already making noise around the Globe! We, at Proximum, are dedicated to merge the best Space Innovative Skills from around the World. We take pride in the fact that the connection between the actual & new players of the Space industry is steady and recurrent year after year due to the targeted pre-scheduled qualified leads and the customer service from our dedicated members of the “Spaceteam Watchtower” Before, during and after the Events. 
Whether you are at home or at the office … We will make sure that your Business meeting will happen successfully!  
You just need to connect…. We do the rest! 

10 Nov 2020


SMi Group are excited to announce that this year's 22nd Annual Global MilSatCom Conference and Exhibition will be run as a virtual conference with online access only. The conference is taking place on 10th, 11th and 12th November 2020. 


As Europe’s leading military communications event for satellite professionals, Global MilSatCom provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet with senior decision makers from defence agencies, militaries, governments and industry from across the globe, providing fantastic interactive opportunities through conference sessions, networking receptions and an exhibition hall.


This year, the conference will highlight topics such as SATCOM resilience, hybrid capability, payload delivery, the impact of emergent LEO mega-constellations and more, providing a holistic view of the future of connectivity.


Delegates can expect to hear crucial updates on the SKYNET programme as it evolves into SKYNET 6, discover more about the emergence of the US Space Force and the DoD’s new “go fast” procurement efforts, and explore international SATCOM programme developments, where opportunities for partnerships may be developed.

Key Reasons to Attend Global MilSatCom 2020:


  • Hear essential updates on the UK’s SKYNET programme from both MoD and industry perspectives as the constellation evolves into SKYNET 6

  • Explore US SATCOM development, understanding more about the new Space Force and how innovation is being driven through SMC 2.0 and AFRL’s Space Innovation Pitch Days

  • Listen to key international partner updates, including briefings from crucial regions including Europe and Asia Pacific

  • Explore Small Satellites, future launch and disruptive approaches to technology development among key organisations at a dedicated pre-conference focus day

  • Meet and network with an anticipated 600 attendees from defence agencies, militaries, governments and industry over 7 hours of networking and 4 receptions

To register or for more information visit:   

10 Nov 2020

Hybrid Event

The Asia Video Summit is the the annual marquee event of the Asian video industry.  Its goal is to take stock, tell the story and assess the state of the video industry as 2020 comes to a close. This year’s summit will be held from 10 – 12 November. Conversations will centre around the State of Free-To-Air and Pay Television, a deep dive into the Streaming Industry and Premium Advertising, the Technology that underpins the entire industry, and what lies ahead for Sports. In addition, there will also be a particular focus on Gender Equality in the Media Industry.

17 Nov 2020

APSCC 2020 Satellite Conference & Exhibition


The APSCC Satellite Conference and Exhibition is Asia’s must-attend executive event for the satellite and space industry where industry leaders come together to gain market insight, strike partnerships and conclude business deals. APSCC 2020 will incorporate industry veterans and new players through the 3-day of in-depth conference program to broader audience.

17 Jan 2021


PTC’s Annual Conference is a strategic springboard for the global communications industry, providing all attendees with a three-day platform to focus on planning, networking, and discovering what lies ahead for the ICT industry. 

09 Mar 2021


Proximum Group is happy to announce the​ 8th annual Paris Space Week! The tradeshow with Business meetings, Conferences and Innovation Challenges Dedicated to the Space Industry. 
We are specialized in targeted qualified pre-scheduled B2B meeting Events since 1999. We take great pride in our commitment to the community and the Industry that has shown us great fidelity and trust in return over the years. 
Paris Space Week, is “The Networking Place” where Companies, Space agencies, Start-Ups Buyers and Investors within the Space Industry from all over the World through pre-scheduled Qualified Leads, take part in our Innovation Challenges, Listen to our conferences and share their Innovative products. 
This year, Paris Space Week is available to Everyone from Every corner of the Globe! 


If you are unable to travel to Paris… We have the solution!​ To to register or for more information visit: ​  

11 Apr 2021


In an increasingly complex and congested digital battlespace, the need to provide near real-time information on the whereabouts of an adversary’s location and intent, using enhanced situational awareness capabilities, is vital in aiding armoured units to respond quickly to incoming threats. It is therefore imperative for our defence forces to have a greater understanding of the capabilities available, to enhance both combat effectiveness and the survivability of the vehicle.


SMi Group proudly presents the Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness 2021, the leading conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors, optronics and vehicle architecture.


The 2021 event invites not only military programme managers, operational commanders and leading engineers, but will also provide the perfect platform for both operational users and industry to share their insights on the latest systems and sub-systems, providing greater awareness of existing capabilities and future requirements.


Key topics will include: vetronic architectures, communications, CIS capabilities, battle management systems, acoustic sensors, optronics, crew displays, active protection, defensive aid suites and mobile camouflage systems

09 May 2021

Long Beach, California

Space Tech Expo & Conference (May 18-20, 2021 – Long Beach, CA) is the leading showcase of space-related technologies and innovations from systems and sub-systems, components, testing and manufacturing technologies for civil, military and commercial space applications. For the first time in 2020, the Space Tech conference will also be free-to-attend!




Phone: +441273 916 300

11 May 2021


Unmanned systems are becoming an increasingly essential part of the world’s fleets as modern navies seek new ways to complete dangerous tasks faster, easier, and with fewer sailors and marines in harm’s way. To enable this, leading navies have recently been increasing their investment in unmanned technology, so it has never been more crucial to explore the latest advances and opportunities and to align priorities between allied nations.


SMi Group are pleased to announce the return of Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology (UMST), taking place in London on the 13th and 14th May 2020, for its fourth successful year.


Highlights for 2020:

  • Only event with a holistic focus on unmanned naval systems across the air, surface and undersea domains

  • Strong support from the Royal Navy, including the ACNS Capability (Rear Admiral Andrew Burns RN OBE) and Director NavyX (Captain Chris Ling RN)

  • Comprehensive discussions on the UK’s UMS development pipeline

  • Updates from high-level planners from international navies, including the US, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, NATO and the Netherlands


Key topics to be discussed include: Autonomy for MCM and ASW operations, updates on key unmanned platform programmes, the future of unmanned capabilities in the Royal Navy (including a dedicated panel), preparing and supporting unmanned systems for operations, UMS interoperability initiatives, unmanned hydrography and oceanography, and many more.

As the world’s leading event, UMST 2020 will provide a crucial forum for the discussion of current and future projects and programmes delivering unmanned and autonomous technology for the naval unmanned systems community.


Early bird discounts:

Book by 31st January to save £400

Book by 28th February to save £200

Book by 31st March to save £100


Register online at

07 Jun 2021


ANGACOM is Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online. It brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of the broadband and media distribution. The next show date is 12 to 14 May 2020 in Cologne/Germany.

ANGACOM’s key topics include Gigabit Networks, FTTH, 5G, OTT, AppTV, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Smart City and Smart Home.

In 2019, ANGA COM counted more than 500 exhibitors from 35 countries and 20,000 participants from 83 countries.

Among the largest exhibitors are telecom vendors such as Appear TV, AVM, Casa Systems, Cisco, CommScope, Huawei, Nokia, Synamedia, Teleste and Wisi.

In 2019, the speaker line-up of the conference programme with 2,400 participants included C-level representatives of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Tele2, Sunrise, TDC, freenet, Unitymedia, Eutelsat, ProSiebenSat.1, RTL Television and Discovery.

For more information please contact: +49 (0)221 9980810 or email:

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