Global Military Communications Magazine

Global Military Communications is a publication that tracks the trends, drivers and technology that fuel the military communications sector. It continues to be the lynchpin of modern warfare and are crucial to any military campaign. The comms sector is going through unprecedented change as militaries and governments across the world move towards a network centric approach.

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November/December 2021

Cover Story: Challenges in US border security

  • How the US Intelligence Community is driving new security protocols in satcom

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM      

  • Keeping military satellite communications secure

  • Q&A Phil Mar, CTO for Government Systems at Viasat

  • Nelson Santini, CEO, Minerva Space Technologies

  • Are we doing enough to prevent space debris?

Global Military Communications Magazine

May/June 2021

Cover Story: Automation & AI

  • Cybersecurity in the defence space

  • Managing government data

  • Innovative situational awareness

  • One quantum leap forward

  • Bringing test and evaluation into the digital future

Global Military Communications Magazine

November/December 2020

Cover Story: Space Debris

  • 2020: A great year for amplifiers

  • Q&A Eric Lind, Vice President of  Commercial Operations and Business Development at Ultralife Corporation

  • Satcom’s role in emergency response and military communications   

  • Ground infrastructure: Increasing demand adds pressure 

  • Q&A Martin Frederiksen, Managing Director of Military Embedded Computing, Recab UK 

  • A practical guide for achieving FIPSCertifiable 
    DICE Attestation

Global Military Communications Magazine

May/June 2020

Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence

  • Transforming defence: How could AI protect military personnel?

  • Q&A Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM

  • Unleashing electricity in the battlefield: The start of a new era for logistics operations

  • Q&A Karl Fuchs, Vice President of Technology, iDirect Government

  • The evolution of personal radios: Modernising the backbone of strategic communication

  • Wearable technology

  • Hosted payloads: On the road to failure?

Global Military Communications Magazine

December 2019

Cover Story: Mission Critical Tech

  • Satellite communications for national security: Don’t fight the white!

  • Q&A Andrew Thomis, CEO, Cohort Group

  • Mission critical tech in the modern military

  • Space commands

  • Q&A Ayala Pinhasi, Head of Marketing and Customer Care, Get SAT

  • Q&A Jason Sierra, Sales Director at Seven Technologies Group

Global Military Communications Magazine

June 2019

Cover Story: Cloud-based Connectivity

  • Beyond Blue Force Tracking

  • Q&A Rick Lober, Vice President of Defense and Intelligence Systems Division at Hughes Network Systems

  • Cloud-based connectivity

  • Endpoint security

  • Mobile battlefield

  • The developing UAS market

Global Military Communications Magazine

September/October 2021

Cover Story: Driving defence procurement to the cutting edge

  • Driving defence procurement to the cutting-edge

  • Surveillance balloons

  • Q&A Krystal Dredge, Director of Marketing, AvL Technologies

  • Getting the backhaul right for avionics telemetry links

  • SDRs for ground stations

  • Q&A Rick Lober, GM and VP, Hughes Defence and Intelligence Systems Division

  • Keeping comms-on-the-move secure as well as reliable in the commercial sector 

Global Military Communications Magazine

March/April 2021

Cover Story: Artificial Intelligence

  • ‘What’s Your Warrior?’ campaign               

  • How Ka-band has become invaluable to the military

  • Understanding the shortcomings of PACE plans in battlefield communications

  • The Blackjack constellation program gains speed, raising the bar for space domain awareness

  • Lasers: From warning to attack

Global Military Communications Magazine

September/October 2020

Cover Story: Virtual Reality

  • Antennas point to effective man portable communications

  • Q&A Emil Reynolds, Product Line Manager, Government Terminals, Isotropic Systems

  • Russia’s suspected test satellite attack – was it lawful?

  • ERP software is in the midst of the ultimate stress test – how are A&D manufacturers faring?

  • Q&A Neil Fraser, NSSL’s recently appointed Director of Defence and Space Programmes

  • The future of defence is digital

  • Virtualized expertise - How VR is honing peacekeeping skills

Global Military Communications Magazine

March/April 2020

Cover Story: Climate Defence

  • Climate defence – The US must lead the fight against Earth’s only shared foe

  • Q&A Nicole Robinson, Senior Vice President of Global Government for SES

  • Protection of mission critical C5ISR equipment is vital within electronic warfare

  • Q&A Ken Peterman, President of Government Systems at Viasat

  • Mobile satellite terminals

  • How the military and defense sector can harness wearables

  • Q&A Adam Kaplan, CEO and Co-founder of Edgybees

Global Military Communications Magazine

October 2019

Cover Story: Biometrics

  • Biometrics in the military

  • Q&A David Andres, Santander Teleport

  • Future DoD satellite communications will enable mission success for the warfighter

  • Getting to grips with Industry 4.0

  • Q&A Jackson White, Getac

  • Advancing government capabilities with VSAT

  • Creating resilient and survivable US Government satellite networks

Global Military Communications Magazine

April 2019

Cover Story: Security Sector

  • Powering homeland security

  • Serving the subsea market

  • Big tech is transforming the security sector

  • Q&A Skot Butler, President at Intelsat General

  • Q&A Emlyn Taylor, Managing Director of Lockheed Martin UK System Solutions

  • Tactical communications


July/August 2021

Cover Story: Integrated Space Review

  • Cognitive radios    

  • Q&A Mark Barrett, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, Blu Wireless

  • Bolstering US military defense capabilities in areas of observation and space-based defense mechanisms

  • Advancing global military tactical communications

  • Staying connected during ‘dark mode’ operations

  • What the Integrated Review says about the UK space industry

Global Military Communications Magazine

January/February 2021

Cover Story: Q&A IGC

  • Meeting the communications needs of the modern navy

  • Wearables go intimate for multitudinous defensive applications

  • Interference: Is it time for a new resolution

  • Q&A David Eldridge, Sales Director, Chess Dynamics

  • How digitisation within the defence industry has been expedited by coronavirus

  • Earth observation for the military

Global Military Communications Magazine

August 2020

Cover Story: COVID-19

  • Processing data on the frontline

  • Q&A Guy Cherni, CMO and Co-Founder of Atlas Dynamics

  • The new homefront - how military and security providers are defending against COVID-19

  • The biggest threat to your communications? Your own applications

  • Q&A Rob Andzik, President, AMERGINT

  • ISR video: The critical equation

  • The dawn of lasers - the fastest assets imaginable

  • The military as a first responder - even virtually!

Global Military Communications Magazine

January/February 2020

Cover Story: Big Data

  • Air defence missile systems

  • Q&A Getac UK

  • A cyber resilient world

  • Countering unmanned aerial systems

  • Q&A Mark Rushton, Business Development Director, VITEC

  • Tactical communications developments

  • Cognitive radio developments

Global Military Communications Magazine

August/September 2019

Cover Story: Secures Comms

  • Training soldiers in a virtual world

  • Q&A Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra (UK) Ltd

  • Benefits and challenges of delivering higher network resiliency for defense applications via satellite

  • Hosted payloads

  • Ruggedizing the battlefield

  • Q&A Jay Icard, CEO of XTAR