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The US Department of Defense (DoD) and its allies have historically been the inventors of new technology, but the innovative approaches taking place in today’s private sector are helping to foster a new era of defense technology. With non-traditional business models and a track record of investing in its own research and development to deliver game-changing capabilities before a program of record is ever established, partnering with the private sector will allow the U.S. and its allies to maintain a competitive edge across today’s data-driven battlespace. Download this white paper to learn more about private sector best practices that are rapidly delivering unprecedented warfighter operational capabilities.


Advances in 3D printing for the space sector

3D printing has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, as developments have resulted in technology that is more readily-available, cost-effective, and sophisticated, than ever before. Today, 3D printing is being utilised by industries far and wide, and, naturally, the space sector is not one to be left behind.

Dr Amy Saunders

Who’s ahead in the race for convergence 4.0?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) heats up, consumers are facing an ever-increasing number of smart devices in their homes. These devices remain fragmented, not working together to their full potential. Kuldip Singh Johal, Vice President of sales for subscription broadcasting at Universal Electronics, outlines the race towards convergence 4.0 and the implications for device manufacturers.

Kuldip Singh Johal, Vice President of sales for subscription broadcasting at Universal Electronics

October 12, 2020

Better connectivity, easier data sharing and a
thriving IoT start-up scene demonstrate that
maritime digitalization is flourishing, even in these times of COVID.

Mark Warner, Marketing & PR Director, Inmarsat Maritime

October 9, 2020

Skyrora recently enjoyed a successful launch of its Skylark Micro rocket from Iceland’s Langanes Peninsula including a nominal trajectory for which they received the Leif Erikson Award for environmental responsibility, in particular its Ecosene project, which converts unrecyclable plastic waste into a usable high-grade aviation fuel. The launch provided vital insights into the performance of their launch infrastructure and subsystems. With greater goals on the horizons, Robin Hague, Head of Launch at Skyrora talks about their achievements and hopes for the future.

Robin Hague, Head of Launch at Skyrora


November 11, 2020

The quantum revolution - the
satellites of tomorrow

Einstein’s law of relativity states, amongst other things, that nothing in the perceivable universe can travel faster than the speed of light. When the theory that matter in a quantum state could be capable of breaking many, if not all the laws he had staked his reputation on, Einstein memorably dubbed the concept “spooky” to consider and suggested some part of the science may be incomplete. In the 21st century, quantum technology has very much flown the theoretical stage, presenting a plethora of new capabilities for
communications more than capable of redefining mankind’s relationship with technology.

Laurence Russell, News and Social Media Editor

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