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The SmallSat Catalog provides a convenient go-to resource to check out the latest and greatest products and services in the smallsat industry. Orbital Transports has brought together in one place everything you need to plan a successful small satellite mission. The SmallSat Catalog features CubeSat and smallsat buses, nanosatellite hardware subsystems, mission operations software, hosted payloads, satellite servicing and refueling technologies, space biotech and microgravity experiment modules, AITV services, and more. Find out more

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October 20, 2020

Hughes is an international leader in high-speed satellite Internet services. The company’s network HughesNet currently boasts 1.5 million subscribers in the Americas alone and connects people all over the world. Dan Rasmussen, Hughes’ Senior Vice
President of North America Enterprise, discusses SD-WAN for enterprise business, while Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hughes International Division, Ramesh Ramaswamy, provides an analysis of the company’s efforts in delivering community Wi-Fi as a commercially viable solution to
connecting underserved communities.

Laurence Russell

October 12, 2020

The VSAT sector has gone from strength to
strength, delivering essential connectivity
remote, rural, and mobile destinations with
unprecedented efficiency. The maritime sector
has been one of the most benefited user
segments, with communications capabilities
greatly enhanced by VSAT technology. The
segment is booming, with global satcom
companies reporting excellent results.

Amy Saunders


October 12, 2020

Better connectivity, easier data sharing and a
thriving IoT start-up scene demonstrate that
maritime digitalization is flourishing, even in these times of COVID.

Inmarsat Maritime

Mark Warner

October 9, 2020

Skyrora recently enjoyed a successful launch of its Skylark Micro rocket from Iceland’s Langanes Peninsula including a nominal trajectory for which they received the Leif Erikson Award for environmental responsibility, in particular its Ecosene project, which converts unrecyclable plastic waste into a usable high-grade aviation fuel. The launch provided vital insights into the performance of their launch infrastructure and subsystems. With greater goals on the horizons, Robin Hague, Head of Launch at Skyrora talks about their achievements and hopes for the future.

Head of Launch, Skyrora

Robin Hague


October 4, 2020

Solar sails are an underutilized method of
spacecraft propulsion, making use of the easily available solar energy in inner-solar space to accelerate via radiation pressure. While the technique is only practical for small probes, the method is gaining popularity in the scientific community as a means of cost effective thrust, particularly for sustaining interstellar travel.

Laurence Russell

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