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Dive into a new dimension of satellite communication with SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0.  Just when you thought you heard it all – from reliability to flexibility to scalability – ND SATCOM breaks the barrier with new engineering features that anticipate your business needs and further optimise the performance of your business. We listen, we innovate, we lead. This is why our standards of excellence, proven track record and 5th generation SKYWAN keep customers coming back for more. We are the only trusted solution provider in Europe for demanding market sectors such as aviation and the military, where the concept of reliability has far-reaching impact.

Secure your mission critical networks with SKYWAN 5G Release 2.0:

  • Boost your network performance:  Unique and exclusive ACM with single-hop mesh: 64x boost throughput

  • Manage your network options: Flexible triple choice of network topology within one modem: New highly-efficient SPCP links, hubless true mesh MF-TDMA and DVB-S2

  • Reap more from your investment:  4 years software support for business continuity and cybersecurity

Featured Articles

Seizing exciting new advantages

Seizing exciting new advantages

Kratos develops and fields transformative, affordable technology, platforms, and systems for the communications market. Following their recent acquisition of ASC Signal in the middle of 2020, Kratos
has seized a number of exciting new advantages, which, according to Andre Jones, Vice President, Antenna Solutions for Kratos’ Space, Training and Cybersecurity Division, they’re keen to capitalise upon to complement an already impressive service offering.

Laurence Russell, News and Social Editor, Satellite Evolution Group

Orbital debris - A global threat to stability

Orbital debris - A global threat to stability

International bodies have long preached of the danger inherent to the space debris left from derelict satellites and discarded space vehicle launch equipment. While the regulatory conversation has been a governmental and diplomatic conversation, debates have often continued through the private sector; however, commentators from defence institutions are not recognised often enough.

Laurence Russell, News & Social Editor


December 21, 2020

Three OTT trends and challenges in 2020

It’s been a stonking year for OTT providers, one of the few sectors to see a real boom in the times of pandemic as more people seek entertainment from the comfort of their own homes than ever before. Of course, the massive surge in OTT adoption this year hasn’t been entirely without its problems, as highlighted herein.

John Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, Spicy Mango

John Griffiths, Chief Commercial Officer, Spicy Mango

Earth observation

December 10, 2020

The Earth’s total population is growing, and with this, so is the amount of crop production around the globe. However, food production is still highly sensitive to local weather and regional climate conditions. Technology is, therefore, set to these conditions and is built around the process of crop production.

Rosa Schmidt, Marketing & PR Strategist and Max Gulde CEO, ConstellR

2020: A great year for amplifiers

December 22, 2020

2020: A great year for amplifiers

Amplifiers play a fundamental but often overlooked role in satellite communications across the globe; without them, we wouldn’t have access to broadcast television, essential communications, high-speed connectivity on the move or in remote and rural locations, etc. The list could go on almost indefinitely. Naturally, amplifier technology has come in fits and starts over the years, and this is no exception even in times of global pandemic.

Dr Amy Saunders

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