Connecting Africa to Broadband – Where You Need It, When You Need It

In this two-hour webinar, the programme opened with an introduction from the host, GVF, followed by Intelsat welcoming remarks and keynote address.

A panel discussion session followed, Connecting Africa to Broadband: A Roadmap for Inclusive Growth, which began by referencing three key points from the World Bank:


  • To achieve universal, affordable and good quality Internet access for 1.1bn people in Africa by 2030 requires an investment of US$100bn;

  • For the most part, universal access to broadband connectivity is an infrastructure challenge with nearly 80 per cent of all required investments directly tied to the need to roll out and maintain broadband networks; and

  • The impact of the pandemic on communication and connectivity has been felt within the ecosystem surrounding the internet and communications technology, increasing demand and highlighting the need to leverage tools and innovative strategies to survive and thrive.

Four expert panellists with Liquid Satellite, Orange DRC, Safaricom, and Vodacom Mozambique, in discussion with GVF, shared their views on what it takes to accelerate the deployment of universal, reliable, and affordable broadband networks in Africa, and to build innovative solutions to provide “always-on” connectivity enabling companies and organisations to operate with confidence in even the most remote or challenging locations.

An audience Q&A session and closing remarks from Intelsat brought the session to its “live” close.

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