Enable High-performance Network Coverage in Europe & MENA

As host for this two-hour event GVF introduced welcoming remarks and a keynote address from Intelsat, following which three expert panellists contributed to the moderated discussion, Enterprise Networking: Meeting the Challenges of Growing Complexity, Expanding Needs.

The foundation perspective of this 60-minute dialogue is that hyper-connectivity is now a global phenomenon. Enterprises worldwide are increasingly dependent upon reliable access to information, applications, secure networks, and productivity tools. Enterprise networking, via turnkey managed services or wholesale capacity-only options, provides enables businesses to seize emerging opportunities, accelerate decision-making, and bring more value to customers.


This expert panel, with representatives of Algeria Telecom SatelliteMedia Broadcast Satellite, and Orange Business Services, explored innovations that are transforming satellite solutions, supporting enterprise applications and services securely, reliably, and cost-effectively, and as a starting point considered if there particular vertical markets across EMENA for which the role of satellite in advancing solutions to the challenges of growing complexity and expanding needs in enterprise networking is of particular and growing importance. 

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