If your focus is the global satellite industry - look no further! The Satellite Evolution Group, a division of DS Air Limited, is the leading print and digital marketing platform for the industry. For over seventeen years we have served the global satellite market with information key to this evolving sector.


The portfolio including Satellite Evolution Asia, Satellite Evolution EMEA, and Global Military Communications covers the entire spectrum of the industry from launch, ground segment and networks to space. Satellite Evolution Asia; Satellite Evolution EMEA; and Global Military Communications have a reputation for delivering high quality, and informed content to their
subscribers. Available in Print, Flip Technology and PDF formats, the magazines are delivered in the formats requested by the subscribers who can choose what is most suitable for them.


Publishing analysts have for some time been predicting that print magazines would disappear. However, while the split is now about 80/20 in favour of electronic subscriptions, print magazines still have an important role to play.

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