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NewSpace describes the move towards today’s emerging private spaceflight industry. Gone are the days when the satellite and space sectors were dominated by government organisations - today it is all about the commercial players who are looking to harness space in a completely new way. Developing fast, better, and improved access to space and spaceflight technologies, we are entering an exciting new era for the global space community.

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September/October 2021

Cover Story: Connecting to the Moon and beyond

  • Pillar of Britain’s space economy

  • Future of rocket propulsion

  • Leveraging the potential of AI and edge computing in space

  • Offering an edge in the race to space

  • Connecting to the Moon and beyond

  • The progress of NASA’s Artemis missions and the commercialization of the moon

NewSpace International Magazine

September 2020

Cover Story: Situational Awareness

  • The impact of small satellites on space situational awareness

  • Solar sails - The key to deep space odysseys

  • Pioneering IoT developer

  • The way forward for LEO - The NewSpace race clears its biggest hurdle

  • Q&A Firefly Aerospace

NewSpace International Magazine

November/December 2019

Cover Story: Asgardia

  • Deep space farming

  • The Space Kingdom of Asgardia declares sovereignty?

  • Launching from the sky

  • Nanosatellite mission integrator

  • Delivering fibre-like speeds

  • Space 2.0 - Satellite operations engineering in the era of constellations

NewSpace International Magazine

May/June 2019

Cover Story: Space Communities

  • Human communities in Space

  • Delivering connectivity in Space

  • Lunar exploration


July/August 2021

Cover Story: IoT

  • Pioneer of space services             

  • The state of space debris mitigation        

  • Reducing NewSpace risk              

  • Risk and rewards in the IoT market

  • Commercial aviation and increased competitiveness

  • Weather watch

NewSpace International Magazine

June 2020

Cover Story: Space Comms

  • Communicating through the depths of space

  • Blockchain reaches for the stars

  • Space antennas

  • Satellite IoT

  • Q&A Skyrora

  • Q&A Orbital Transports

NewSpace International Magazine

September/October 2019

Cover Story: Deep Space Health

  • Q&A Gavin Tweedie, CEO at GSI

  • Mars habitation technology: Seperating fact from fiction

  • Space-based quantum communications

  • Opportunities for satellite in the era of commercial spaceflight

  • Deep Space health

NewSpace International Magazine

March/April 2019

Cover Story: Space Hazards

  • Q&A David Henri, Co-Founder and CEO at Exotrail

  • Q&A Richard Blain, CEO at Earth-i.

  • Space factories: The future?:  The idea of creating space factories is so out there, but that’s the reality of where we are now.

  • Extending operations with Space robots: On-orbit satellite servicing became major news in 2018 with groundbreaking announcements from Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman), Effective Space, DARPA and NASA.

NewSpace International Magazine

May/June 2021

Cover Story: 4G on the Moon

  • Revolutionizing global connectivity

  • 4G on the Moon

  • Supporting the ground sphere

  • How can AI improve satcoms?

  • Gearing up for LEO

NewSpace International Magazine

April 2020

Cover Story: Space Debris

  • Confronting the issue of Space Debris - Q&A with Astroscale

  • Industry 4.0

  • Robots in Space

  • Off-world settlements

  • Off-world manufacturing

NewSpace International Magazine

July/August 2019

Cover Story: Big Data

  • Bringing Space into the headlines    

  • Speed and robustness: The key to winning the Space race    

  • A Big Data World

  • Combining network architecture and satellite technology for a 5G future    

  • 3D printing with Windform composite