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A commercial aircraft manufacturer, with Space and Defence as well as Helicopters Divisions, Airbus is the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe and a worldwide leader. Airbus has built on its strong European heritage to become truly international – with roughly 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers globally. Airbus is a major contributor to space exploration and human spaceflight, as well as a leading manufacturer of Earth observation, navigation, science and telecommunications satellites. Its portfolio ranges from the ExoMars rover and the European Service Module for the Orion spacecraft to the Ariane 5 launcher, to be followed in 2020 by the Ariane 6.

Altius is a space robotics and technology startup with expertise in orbital rendezvous and capture robotics, active debris removal, spacecraft mechanisms, assistive telerobotics, in-space propellant transfer, satellite servicing, on-orbit assembly and manufacturing, and heliogyro solar sails.

Arianespace was created in 1980 as the world’s first commercial launch services company. Our dual mission is to guarantee Europe’s independent access to space, as well as o er the export market a competitive and trustworthy means to deliver satellites to orbit.


Working for governments and commercial customers, it offers European public institutions, governments, space agencies and private operators a wide range of launch options for any payload: From experimental satellites weighing just a few kilograms to 20-ton Automated Transfer Vehicles that have resupplied the International Space Station (ISS).

Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that enable customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most.  Ball creates innovative space solutions, enables more accurate weather forecasts, drives insightful observations of the planet, and delivers actionable data and intelligence.

Blue Origin, LLC is an American privately funded aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with its headquarters in Kent, Washington. The company is developing technologies to enable private human access to space with the goal to dramatically lower costs and increase reliability. Blue Origin is employing an incremental approach from suborbital to orbital flight, with each developmental step building on its prior work. 

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top US exporter, the company supports airlines, US and allied government customers in 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.

Brand Delta-V was created for one purpose: to bring world-class marketing to the commercial space industry. The NewSpace marketing company, Brand Delta-V provides you with targeted marketing, pitch-perfect messaging, and right place/ right time engagements with your prospective customers, the media, and investors. It’s the change in velocity you need to reach your company’s revenue and fundraising goals. Don’t staff up. Let us do your marketing. One stellar project at a time.

Callisto is a leading supplier for Deep Space communications (e.g. space exploration missions to the planets) and radio astronomy applications (including VLBI - Very Long Baseline Interferometry). 

Ultra-low noise performance is achieved by cryo-cooling the electronic RF components of the amplifier circuits. 

This ultra-low noise technology can also be used in main stream satellite applications such as Earth Observation where the benefit is a reduction in the size and costs of ground antennas. Callisto's unique cryogenic designs can also reduce maintenance and running costs compared to traditional cryo-systems.

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