KSF Space: Dr Kayyali reveals first ever world’s “NEP Certification” for space education and industr

The difference between future and present is that many more people have come nearby to Dr. Kayyali's way of thoughts about the future of space and education. More space engineers will approach into this concept for where the world is directed, Dr. Kayyali offers a teasing roadmap for KSF Space as well as some new perception into how he forecasts the space future.

“The Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certification “NEP Certificate” will be the world’s first ever professional certification dedicated to nanosatellite sector. “ Dr.Kayyali said.

The NEP Certification will be addressing aerospace engineers and experts, and it will be recognized by major space companies, organizations, foundations and agencies. Some of space industries will work with KSF Space to review the content of the course material and accredit the certificate by recognize NEP Certification as world’s first and only nanosatellite engineering professional course, example of aerospace companies in USA who will recognize the NEP Certificate is Interorbital Systems in California , they aim to develop simple, yet robust technology to be the lowest-cost launch provider in the commercial space industry, Interorbital Systems is currently engaged in building a launch vehicle for the Google Lunar X Prize and for commercial launches. More aerospace companies and organizations are currently working on NEP recognition with KSF Space. The NEP Certification will be released to market early 2017.

Benefits of being NEP Certified:

• Recognizes your space engineering skills international: A NEP credential is an perfect bet for all aerospace engineers across many companies • Setting your skills to international employers: A NEP credential will become globally recognized and required, so becoming a NEP helps the aerospace engineering companies world recognize your skills. • Shows your talent to handle challenging complex satellite projects: The NEP exam eligibility criteria are based on a space engineering education and experience. A NEP credential in this way proves your skills and experience in successfully completing challenging and critical industry-based aerospace and small satellite projects.

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