GVF roundtables target new analyses of satellite broadband markets and technologies in the HTS World


Just weeks after the success of the first event in a new GVF-EMP series – AeroConnect 2016 –satellite industry experts are poised to participate in the latest of the well-established HTS Roundtables in London, where they will examine the broader implications of strong aeronautical connectivity growth projections for the high throughput satellite (HTS) business.

During AeroConnect 2016, the dialogue revealed that the global number of aircraft with wireless IFE (in-flight entertainment) systems is forecast to grow from a 2015 level of 4,323 to 17,506 in 2024; that the global number of aircraft with IFC (in-flight connectivity) installed will similarly grow from 5,233 in 2015 to 19,527 in 2025; and that projected IFEC (with both entertainment and connectivity) demand over the period 2016-25 will grow by 18% in Western Europe, 21% in the Middle East, and 26% in Asia-Pacific.

High Throughput Satellite 2016 - Enabling a Brave New World of Opportunity (www.uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/hts-london-2016/)– the mobility-related themes of which will pick up from the interactive panel sessions of the 11th November programme of GVF AeroConnect 2016 - The In-Flight Online Revolution – will be the seventh event in the HTS Roundtable series, and the fourth to be held in London. Following a highly successful programme held in Washington DC earlier this year, the third iteration of the series to be held in the United States, the London event is sponsored by Inmarsat, Hughes, SES, iDirect, Advantech Wireless, Intelsat, and C-Com Satellite Systems.

Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Programme Development with GVF and Chairman of High Throughput Satellite 2016 - Enabling a Brave New World of Opportunity, commented “Our 2016 HTS event will be a great opportunity not only to update and explore in more depth the themes that have been investigated at previous Roundtables in London and Washington, and navigate the most recent trends, but will enable us to continue some of the discussions held at AeroConnect which, after all, was focused on the most dynamic of all the mobile connectivity markets which have been overwhelmingly facilitated by the developments in the high throughput satellites arena.”

High Throughput Satellite 2016 - Enabling a Brave New World of Opportunity comprises sessions focusing as follows (correct as of 22nd November and subject to the addition of further speakers):

The Consultants, Setting the HTS Context featuring Chris Baugh, President, NSR; Stéphane Chenard, Senior Analyst, Euroconsult.

The Operators… A New Focus from Orbit

Size Matters – from LargeSats to CubeSats | HTS Supply – the Aeronautical & Maritime Corridors | Is the “App” Now Driving Satellite Design? | HTS, the Cloud, and IoT | Bandwidth – (Price) Wars in Space? | Competing Down the Value Chain | How will HTS and the Mega-LEOs Compete? Featuring Andrew Faiola, Sales Director Europe, Intelsat; Dario Mulassano, Business Development Director, Hughes; Simon Gatty Saunt, Vice President Sales Europe & CIS, SES; Alessandro Modigliana, Senior Systems Architect Networks & Systems Engineering & Group CTO, Satellite Applications Catapult.

New Challenges, New Markets, New Game

Transformation in the Satellite Broadband Value Proposition | Where Are Todays Most Dynamic Markets? | New Dynamics in the Throughput/Pricing Package | The Cloud and the IoT – Bringing New Opportunity to the VAR Proposition? | What Does the Mobile Market Need from VARS? Featuring Julian Crudge, Managing Director UK, Telenor; Denis Sutherland, Vice President Business Development, iDirect; Michael Pollack, CEO, Traville Group.

Ground Segment… Evolved Dynamics

Equipping the ESIM & Next Generation HTS Mobility Solutions | The VSAT Antenna… Getting Smaller, the Changing Form Factor | Phased Array… Markets & Scales Characterised | In the Cyber Zone… Best Practice in Vendor & Customer Collaboration | Does Growth in Terminal Numbers Mean More Interference? | Terminal Cost, Design & Function… Does the Customer Get What the Customer Wants? Featuring Alvaro Sanchez, Sales Manager Satellite Monitoring Systems, Integrasys; Mark Lambert, Managing Director Europe and Vice President Sales & Marketing, Advantech; Drew Klein, Vice President Business Development, C-Com.

Is Mobility All That Matters Now?

Where Next for ESIM | HTS for IoT on Land, on Sea, in the Air | Mobile Trunking & Backhaul – A Defining Role for Satellite in a Mobile World? | Mobility – Who Are the End Users? | Navigating a Changing Value Chain – Acquisitions & Alliances | But, What About Enterprise VSAT, Consumer Broadband, Video, Government, and Military? Featuring Bart van Poucke, Product Manager, Newtec; Richard Roithner, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Inmarsat; Giancarlo Pensabene, Business Development & Sales, Telespazio.

November’s AeroConnect event was organised in association with the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) and HMG Aerospace (publisher of Inflight - www.hmgaerospace.com/news/inflight-online/). In focusing on the very latest developments in the technologies and services of the new broadband communications dimension to contemporary travel which relies upon the new paradigm of broadband (high throughput) satellite capacity over the world’s commercial air corridors, speakers identified a number of key trends, including the extent to which IFEC not only enhances airlines’ service delivery to passengers, but also improves the carriers’ operational processes, extends the airlines value beyond the cabin, and reduces their administrative communication costs.

Paul Stahl, Executive Director of EMP added, “We have an interesting opportunity here where the discussion outcomes from GVF AeroConnect 2016 will be able to further inform discussion within various facets of the mobility-related dialogues during the December HTS Roundtable. Attendees at the HTS Roundtable may well find it applicable and instructive to review, in advance, the data provided by the speakers at AeroConnect by taking a look at the presentations, which are available at www.uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/aero-connect-2016/programme/. HTS does, of course, emcompass more than aeronautical connectivity and our programme well reflects this by covering, for example, space and ground segment advances, and the impact of the evolution of the Cloud and the Internet of Things.”

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