VSN complements Roya TV broadcast systems with a new VoD and streaming system for multiplatform cont

The new VSNWEBTV solution deployed at Roya TV facilities provides the channel with a new Video On Demand (VoD) service in its website and allows it to carry out TV and live events’ broadcasts from virtually any device currently available in the market. Thanks to this latest deployment, Roya TV is nowadays capable of broadening its broadcast coverage and increase its number of viewers, thanks to its even more complete End-to-End system entirely deployed by VSN, with which the channel has been working for the last five years. Roya TV, one of the most important private channels in Jordan founded in 2011, has once again trusted on VSN to go beyond traditional and linear TV Broadcast and start managing and delivering content in a multiplatform work environment, including Video on Demand offer and live Streaming broadcastings for its whole programming. To date, the Jordanian TV channel, a loyal customer of VSN since 2011, used for its daily operations a broad spectrum of VSN products, ranging from ingest and Media Asset Management (MAM), to archive and storage, News system and MCR automation solution. That is, Roya TV has essentially been working with VSN’s End-to-End broadcast system for the last years, which has been now completed even more thanks to the latest acquisition of VSNWEBTV system. The challenge Today's TV audiences want to consume and have access to more and more content through an increasing number of devices and platforms, and that is the main reason why Roya TV was looking forward to take on this challenge as soon as possible. Their primary requirement was to go beyond their traditional linear TV business and acquire technology that can deliver video through the Internet, in order to head into the digital world where audiences keep increasing these days. Therefore, Roya TV needed to find a solution for multiplatform content creation and delivery, comprising video streaming capability that can target simultaneously to both large and small screens, while being able to fit the different format requirements associated with each consumption platform. Furthermore, the solution had to be also scalable, in order to meet the future needs of the TV channel. The project On 2016 the TV channel’s confidence on VSN did not go down, but rather kept becoming higher because Roya TV decided to acquire the new VSN’s VoD and Streaming platform, VSNWEBTV, for addressing the aforementioned challenge of multiplatform content creation and delivery. Thanks to their existing VSNEXPLORER Media Asset Management (MAM) solution and its native integration with VSNWEBTV, all TV channel’s assets are able now to be repurposed and get distributed directly to this brand new platform. The new VSNWEBTV system deployed at Roya TV facilities provides the channel not only with a new Video On Demand (VoD) service in its website, but also with the possibility of carrying out TV and live events’ broadcasts from virtually any device currently available in the market (IOS devices, Android tablets and smartphones, Smart TV, etc.) thanks to the its advanced Live TV streaming feature. Considering these, Roya TV is nowadays capable of broadening its broadcast coverage, as well as of increasing the viewership of its content. Finally, the newly installed VSNWEBTV system also allows the channel to automatically distribute all its content through social networks such as Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, thanks to its integration with VSNEXPLORER’s sophisticated feature for media workflows’ automation. Moreover, the deployment of a robotic library from Qualstar with 3 x LTO-6 drive and its integration with VSNEXPLORER within the project facilitates the movement of Roya TV assets from online storage to archive and improves the distribution of content in all the aforementioned platforms and devices. The result Thanks to the implementation of this VoD and Streaming solution, VSN has successfully helped Roya TV once again to boost its productivity and efficiency, while taking it to the next level of media delivery model. That is, based on VSN’s concept, from the traditional End-to-End broadcast that covers the entire media lifecycle and business workflows to anywhere you can imagine.


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