Kymeta to bring secure, invisible, powerful, global, high-speed connectivity to civilian armored veh

Kymeta — the company delivering on the promise of global, mobile connectivity – announced plans to work with Aurum Security to bring Kymeta mTenna®high-throughput satellite connectivity to VIP and civilian armored vehicles (CAV). Now, CAV manufacturers and integrators will be able to deliver global connectivity, on the go, that their customers demand, without impacting the natural design lines of the vehicle. This means anyone from VIPs, to government officials, to royalty, will have access to high bandwidth connectivity wherever they go that is invisible, secure, and reliable – even in remote places.

“Kymeta is thrilled to be working with Aurum Security, one of the leading civilian armored vehicle integrators in the world, known for its commitment to the highest levels of threat survival, to bring advanced satellite connectivity solutions to their customers,” said Tom Freeman, Senior Vice President Land Mobile, Kymeta. “With the Kymeta mTennau7 70 CM terminal, access to connectivity is omnipresent, easy to use, easy to buy, and linked by secure high-throughput satellite internet, enhancing the vehicle’s security through better integrated audio, data, and video communication.”

“The Kymeta mTennau7 mobile satellite terminal will provide continuous connectivity to our customers for their productivity and security benefits; furthermore, it is affordable, and does not draw unwanted attention,” said Andre Uschakow, Managing Director, Aurum Security. “Terrestrial cellular networks are easily disrupted and hacked leaving the convoy blind and vulnerable. Satellite systems are notoriously difficult to compromise, and with Kymeta mTenna technology, we will be able to deliver secure, high-throughput, satellite-based internet access.”

Kymeta’s small, lightweight, low power, flat-panel satellite terminal will fit invisibly between the headliner and roof of a variety of vehicles to provide reliable internet access anywhere with a view of the sky. This is important for CAV integrators who want to deliver the latest technology, without compromising the natural aesthetics of the vehicle or highlighting which vehicle in a convoy is the communications hub. It also provides access where terrestrial networks are unavailable, and eliminates the threat of lost communication during catastrophes should terrestrial networks go down. Today’s connectivity solutions limit CAV and VIP vehicle integrators to the crowded cellular networks that are less secure, easily jammed and compromised, and unable to scale globally or across international borders.

Kymeta mTenna satellite solutions for CAVs will become commercially available Q2 2017. To learn more about how to become a Kymeta CAV and VIP vehicle integrator and how to make reservations, visit

Kymeta CAV and VIP connectivity solutions can be seen in Stand D20 during Global Space Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE from January 31 – February 1. During the event Kymeta, Senior Vice President Land Mobile, Tom Freeman will speak in the following sessions:

  • Worldwide Trends in New Technology – January 31 at 10:00 a.m. GST

  • Satellite Communications Symposium – February 1 at 12:30 p.m. GST


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