Reliably capture the diverse range of signals in the modern RF spectrum

SignalShark, the new Real Time Handheld Analyzer from Narda, enables completely new facilities for measurements in the more and more complex high frequency spectrum. SignalShark will be on show to the trade for the first time at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC) in Barcelona. Meet new challenges with SignalShark

More and more devices have to share the available frequency ranges because of the rapid development in new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine to machine (M2M) or car to car (C2C) communications and expanding 4G/5G mobile networks. Whether making a wideband measurement of an entire frequency range, or detecting hidden signals, or reliably capturing very short impulses, or localizing interference signals, the SignalShark provides comprehensive measurement solutions for the increasingly complex RF spectrum. Groundbreaking Features The SignalShark was developed in conjunction with practical market analysis and targeted user surveys. Its ability to make powerful real time measurements with a real time bandwidth of 40 MHz in a handheld design will not only help accelerate the development of mobile technologies within the industry, it will also assist mobile service providers and authorities to ensure interference free networks and support regulators in providing protection from illegal transmitters and hidden signals. The modern user interface of the SignalShark combines with its 10.4″ touch screen to give intuitive operation of the large number of measurement and analysis functions. It can be adapted in advance to the measurement tasks and users needs, facilitating clear, effective and reliable measurements for both beginners and experts alike. The SignalShark covers a frequency range stretching from 9 kHz up to 8 GHz. The two Li-ion batteries can be hot swapped during operation, making it possible to operate the device for long periods in mobile applications. The robust design conforms to MIL standards, enabling the SignalShark to make reliable measurements even under difficult environmental conditions, delivering precise results. Seven Senses for Signals

The name SignalShark for this new development from Narda is apt: Just like that highly efficient hunter in the ocean, the SignalShark derives its success in measurement from the interplay of its highly developed seven senses or sensors. You can find out more about this by visiting Accessories There will be a comprehensive range of accessories for the SignalShark, including manual DF antennas, an adapter for third-party antennas, fully automatic direction finding antennas, a fixing kit for vehicle mounting of DF antennas, and software for configuration and remote control by computer.


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