Intelsat upgrades to ViaLiteHD RF at Fuchsstadt Teleport

Intelsat has been using ViaLite RF over fiber links for over 15 years and during that time has installed more than 400 ViaLite links. The links at Intelsat’s Fuchsstadt teleport in central Germany are from ViaLite‘s Classic product range, and connect the teleport’s 70 antennas and control room. These Classic RF over fiber links have proven highly reliable so it is only now, in line with its pro-end-of-life policy, that Intelsat has started to upgrade the legacy links to high performance ViaLiteHD links. In addition to the benefits provided by the Classic range, ViaLiteHD offers improved performance and advanced system management features, including:

- SNMP with web interface

- More links per 3U rack chassis

- Reduced power consumption

- Continuity of supply going forwards. Gary Wade, ViaLite Product Manager, said: “We are working closely with Intelsat on a proactive swap-out program to modernise their RF over fiber equipment. The new links for Fuchsstadt follow Intelsat’s standardisation program, bringing them in line with Intelsat’s teleports globally.”


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