Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announces ground breaking Heights™ Dynamic Network Access Technolog

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announces ground breaking Heights™ Dynamic Network Access Technology

Comtech EF Data Corp., has announced the revolutionary Heights™ Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA) technology at the SATELLITE 2017 exhibition in Washington, D.C. With H-DNA, the Heights platform offers an uncompromised step change in performance and a vehicle to provide an exceptional end user Quality of Experience, clearly differentiating the networking solution from all others.

The Heights Networking Platform is engineered to elevate service levels, via unparalleled horsepower, efficiency, application optimization and intelligence, addressing the needs of satellite operators and service providers of all scales. Heights meets the demands of traditional Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) wide beam operation while providing distinct advantages for those using or considering migrating to High Throughput Satellite designs.

Heights Dynamic Network Access is a revolutionary, dynamic network access technology designed for the Heights Networking Platform's return links. It is fast, flexible and uncompromised, delivering unprecedented benefits to users, service providers and satellite operators alike. The culmination of new waveforms, enhanced bandwidth management algorithms and robust multi-layer Quality of Service (QoS) make this return access scheme highly dynamic and automatically able to react to real-time traffic demand, providing best fit solutions based on customers' service level agreements and network policies.

H-DNA rapidly adapts to changing environments and delivers superior efficiency and Quality of Experience (QoE). It can provide sub-second reaction time to changing user demand and link conditions without introducing the excessive jitter and latency normally associated with any comparable technology. Additionally, as H-DNA leverages the VersaFEC®-2 high-performance LDPC waveform, Adaptive Coding & Modulation, Dynamic Power Control, IP optimization, low framing overhead, multi-tier QoS and WAN optimization, it delivers the most user IP bits per Hertzand most robust reliability compared to any other solution in its class.

H-DNA instantly assigns capacity based on network-wide demand and intelligently utilizes total network bandwidth at all times. It ensures that bandwidth is instantly made available to users and sites across the network as demand changes. It also allocates all available bandwidth per user demand and configured service level agreements ensuring that all capacity is used at all times, providing both maximum performance and the best possible monetization opportunities.

"Our H-DNA technology is another example of our continuance of best-in-class capabilities," commented Louis Dubin, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Marketing and Product Management for Comtech EF Data. "By leveraging this uncompromised technology, by tightly tracking the traffic payload, and by achieving best in class IP bits per Hertz, our clients can differentiate their offerings by improving service flexibility and delivering superior QoE while also improving profitability."


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