New connectivity options coming to Asia-Pacific region, from Kymeta and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

Kymeta and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation have signed a strategic agreement to use Kymeta’s unique metamaterials-based mTenna technology to develop new satellite use cases for SKY Perfect JSAT’s customers in Japan. The company will also invest in Kymeta.

By selling Kymeta’s mTenna technology to its customers, SKY Perfect JSAT will showcase how industries like first responders, transportation, disaster recovery, media, enterprise and more can leverage high-throughput connectivity via satellite. Not only will the companies provide necessary and immediate connectivity in areas with limited terrestrial connectivity, but also demonstrate how in moments of disaster, when the communications infrastructure is offline, satellite can keep first response teams connected to save more lives.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation,” said Nathan Kundtz, Ph.D., Founder, President and CEO, Kymeta. “This partnership is the culmination of years of effort between our organizations to marry JSAT’s powerful satellite capacity with Kymeta products in Southeast Asia.”

“We are excited to provide our customers with the ground breaking antenna technology from Kymeta,” said Koki Koyama, Director of the Board and Senior Managing Executive Officer, SKY Perfect JSAT. “We are looking forward to opening up many new markets using Kymeta mTenna technology in industries like first responders, public transportation and especially Internet of Things applications.”

Demonstrating Kymeta Technology in Japan

Kymeta mTenna technology will solve many of the satellite industry’s longest standing technical challenges: the need for lightweight, slim and efficient communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite, and as a part of this engagement, Kymeta will create solutions for SKY Perfect JSAT’s current and future customer needs.

As part of this agreement, Kymeta and SKY Perfect JSAT will have a live demonstration of Kymeta’s technology accessing SKY Perfect JSAT’s satellite network, across Japan, in the summer of 2017. This demonstration will be similar to the “Drive Across America” Kymeta executed in the United States in Spring of 2016, driving more than 8,000 connected miles, enabling things like video streaming, enterprise cloud applications, video conferencing and more.


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