AsiaSat transmits live heart surgery



AsiaSat was proud to support live transmissions of a heart surgery earlier this year in Hong Kong, providing medical practitioners attending a conference in Singapore the opportunity to see the procedures and techniques shown by some experienced and skilled cardiologists.

Five cardiologists were present at the surgery to consult on the operation, and the satellite transmission provided access for doctors in Singapore to witness the procedures in real time, as part of a study to share knowledge, experience and practices among the medical community.

Quality is a one of the most distinct advantages that Satellite transmissions have over the internet, as the highest definition possible can be broadcasted to recipients via Satellite. This is especially important in circumstances such as this live surgery transmission, where a clear display of very fine details is necessary.

AsiaSat provided a one-stop solution for this live transmission, including the on-site uplink equipment and AsiaSat 5's C-band satellite capacity. The process also required on-site support service from a professional OU team, due to Hong Kong and Singapore's rich landscape of high-rise buildings, but with AsiaSat 5’s supreme orbital slot, uplink and downlink antennas had clear line of sight with an excellent elevation angle of 59.58 degrees to transmit from Hong Kong, and 85.78 degrees to receive in Singapore.



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