ViaLite optimizes GPS fiber links for Motorola Laboratories

Motorola HQ

When Motorola Solutions planned to relocate their laboratories from a number of different locations into a single 12 story building they also wanted to minimize the number of GPS antennas required. The GPS timing signals needed to be distributed to 18 laboratory locations on a number of floors as well as a two story extension. Motorola decided to use RF over fiber as it offered lower attenuation and was easier to install than coaxial cable. It also meant that only two GPS antennas would be needed on the roof. Wanting a single solution, Motorola had initially been given a demonstration by another supplier but due to the cost decided to approach ViaLite for a secondary bid. When the two bids were presented to the estate team, ViaLite was the clear winner as it offered a five year warranty compared with only one year with the other vendor, a better design approach and customer service. To date, 15 of the 18 laboratories have been commissioned and are working perfectly. Reaction from the laboratory managers has been very positive, with comments such as: “I never thought you could cover so many labs on different floors with only two antennas!”


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