Communications & Power Industries celebrates shipment of 3,500th Ka-band HPA

CPI Satcom amplifier

The Satcom & Medical Products (SMP) Division of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) recently celebrated the shipment of its 3,500th Ka-band high-power amplifier (HPA) for satellite communications applications. CPI is the only leading supplier of satellite communications amplifiers that offers a full line of vacuum-based and solid-state-based products, comprising both traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs)/block up converters (BUCs).

“CPI offers the broadest selection of Ka-band uplink amplifiers in the satellite communications industry, including our well known Ka-band TWTA line, which provides up to 700 W of output power, as well as our 160 W Ka-band GaN SSPA,” said Gerard Charpentier, CPI SMP Division’s vice president of business development for Satcom Products. “Having proven our expertise and reliability in providing Ka-band products, we are looking forward to providing the satellite industry with the next generation of amplifiers at 40 GHz and above. CPI is at the forefront of high frequency RF technology, offering devices operating at up to 270 GHz.”


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