Lightweight 4m nomadic carbon fiber satellite antenna delivers heavyweight performance

This 4m Nomadic antenna from CPI ASC Signal Division consists of lightweight carbon fiber panels that deliver maximum stiffness and compact, highly robust components. Weighing less than 350 Kg (770 lb), this motorized antenna can be deployed by two trained personnel in 60 minutes.

Ready for Anything The 4m Nomadic operates in almost any satcom band using interchangeable feeds, including X-band with low PIM capable feeds. Feeds and positioner are also interchangeable with other ASC products. The antenna is WGS/ARSTRAT Certifiable for X- and K-bands, with a reflector featuring a precision-formed honeycomb core and carbon fiber skin that delivers durability and robust performance in the field.

Despite its portability, the 4m Nomadic transmits and receives under demanding wind loads and can survive winds up to 94 mph with the reflector at 90 degree elevation. It is available with skid, vehicle, pedestal, tactical and mobile mounts, as well as in an ISO shippable version. Transport cases are also available. It is ideal for launching highly divergent equipment applications using a single, flexible, modular and cost-effective base.

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