HISPASAT and HISPAMAR unify and update their logos


Spanish satellite telecommunications operator HISPASAT and its Brazilian subsidiary HISPAMAR Satellites have renewed their corporate image in order to unify both brands and update their logos. The change was made after the former logo had been valid for 16 years, during which time there have been many changes both in society as a whole and in the satellite sector as well as in the company itself. HISPASAT has passed from being a prominently Spanish operator, with one orbital position and three operative satellites, to becoming a highly internationalised company, with a fleet of nine satellites located in six orbital positions and a new corporate culture as a result of the introduction of new values and new markets, services and technologies.

The new logo therefore responds to these changes and seeks to update the corporate image of both companies, with a colour scheme that better relates to the field of technology and tailors it to a more current aesthetic, as well as one that reflects the growing internationalisation of the company, adopting greater homogeneity between the corporate images of HISPASAT and HISPAMAR: forming a single Spanish-Brazilian identity.

Azento de Diseño based its work on these three principles –homogeneity, modernity and internationality- in order to define a new logo that, departing from the previous one, would maintain some of the identifying characteristics of the company. They simplified the image by eliminating the final symbols in both cases and creating a more synthetic and integrated logo, in accordance with current trends. The font of the logo was also unified and customised, acquiring a greater thickness in order to grant more weight to the company’s name. Finally, the dot on the "i" was moved to the end of the logo with its symbol, representing the Earth and the satellite.

As for the colour range, a bluish-grey was chosen for the logo originating in the previous colours of both brands and denoting responsibility, rigour, seriousness and professionalism. The symbol with the two circles is a lively shade of blue; a cold and calm colour associated with the world of technology and representing progress and modernity.

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