Swedish Space Corporation and Swedish Space Minister with delegation visit California

SSC, a global provider of advanced space services, announced today they are hosting a Swedish government delegation visit to California, 21-25 May, to visit industry leaders in El Segundo, Mojave, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The six-member Swedish Government delegation, led by Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research (with responsibility for Space), is here to meet with industry leaders to better understand both incumbent and “New Space” markets. Dan White, SSC’s EVP for Satellite Management Services Americas Region, stated, “We look forward to the interaction with industry in California during this high-intensity visit.” He added, “We are excited to showcase the tremendous space capabilities within the Americas Region and encourage the use of commercial services from launch to on-orbit TT&C and payload data capture.”

Natalie Bednar, SSC’s Director for U.S. Commercial Market Business Development, stated, “Meeting the various needs of SmallSat and CubeSat missions is an SSC corporate objective. This objective is being realized in two ways: the creation of a launch capability in northern Sweden and “SSC Infinity”, a new, low-cost ground operations service offering customers full flexibility for small satellites and constellations. Recent growth in new, smallSat and constellation-based space applications throughout the world is driving the need for a new approach to ground segment operations.”

Ms. Bednar will co-host the delegation during visits to El Segundo, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. She will go on to speak, during the delegation’s visit, at the SpaceTech Expo in Pasadena, where she will help examine how incumbents and startups can work together to meet similar needs.

Stefan Gustafsson, SSC Senior Vice president for Strategy, says the journey also is important to realize the ambition to establish a small satellite launching capability from Esrange, the Swedish space base operated by SSC located above the polar circle in Northern Sweden.


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