Walton De-Ice Systems installed at top global broadcaster’s satellite Earth station to protect netwo

Walton De-Ice, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of satellite earth station antenna (ESA) weather protection solutions, announced that it has installed Walton natural gas powered Hot-Air Plenum De-Icing systems for a top global media customer on two 9-meter satellite earth station antenna systems at the customer’s earth station facilities in the Southeastern United States. The facilities support primary satellite network distribution and downlink resources to the news and entertainment divisions of the global broadcaster. “By replacing antiquated electric heat-pad anti-icing systems with the much more effective and cost efficient Walton De-Ice’s natural gas solution, customers such as this top brand and major global media network ensure that snow and ice does not accumulate on the antenna reflector, while they enjoy the most energy efficient system on the market,” says Ray Powers, Vice President of Business Development for Walton De-Ice. Walton’s Hot Air De-Ice systems, including the company’s unique Plenum enclosure installed on the rear of an antenna, provide the most reliable and economic antenna de-icing solutions on the market, offering maximum flexibility with electric, natural gas, and liquid propane gas heater options. Unlike other types of heaters, such as electric pad systems that can cause reflector distortion, Walton Hot Air De-Ice systems heat the entire antenna reflector and back structure uniformly, which minimizes reflector distortion that can cause signal problems, even more so at Ku and Ka-Band.


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