Fugro partners with Skyline to dleiver unique oblique imagery and 3D modelling environment

Fugro is enhancing its mapping services with the introduction of an integrated software package that creates realistic, yet spatially accurate, high-resolution 3D building models using oblique imagery. The product will benefit emergency responders during critical infrastructure planning, as well as those involved in infrastructure development, utilities and property management.

Announcing a strategic partnership with Skyline Software Systems, Inc., Mike Wernau, Fugro’s Oblique Program Manager explained, “We are now able to take a 2D oblique product and deliver a realistic 3D environment with enhanced viewing, query, analysis and reporting options. The value that users are going to discover as a result of this software fusion is something the market has really never seen before.”

The new partnership offers clients an integrated oblique viewing and 3D modelling software. The integration of TerraExplorer and PX Mapper transforms the application of 3D environments by using 2D oblique imagery to create high-resolution building models that are both realistic and spatially accurate.

Fugro’s oblique mapping solution includes high-resolution 360-degree oblique imagery and the PX Mapper visualisation and analysis software. The Fugro/Skyline alliance allows oblique customers to experience Skyline’s automated modelling technology along with TerraExplorer’s optimised analytics capabilities including terrain analysis for flooding, contours, slope and volume metrics, lines of sight and view shed queries and shadow analysis.

“By combining oblique imagery with our high-quality 3D modelling tool and integrating those models with the unlimited capabilities of TerraExplorer Pro, we’ve created the optimal environment for GIS infrastructure,” said Eatay Ben Shechter, Director of Production at Skyline. “This versatile product supports countless real-world applications, where time-critical decision making is required, from urban planning to real-estate management, and multiple different emergency response scenarios.”

A flagship project employing this integrated 3D environment is already underway with completion in Summer 2017.


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