Prague hosts the joint XLV session of the Board and 20th meeting of the Operations Committee of the

On June 14-15, 2017, following an invitation from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, official representatives of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea DPR, Cuba, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Poland, Russia, Romania, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic met in Prague for the joint XLV session the Board and 20th meeting of the Operations Committee of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications (Intersputnik). The joint session was presided over by Mr. Gennady Kudriavtsev, Chair of the Board and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation on the Intersputnik Board.

The delegates were welcomed by Mr. Petr Kameník, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. In his address, he pointed out that the fact that he current joint session of the Board and the Operations Committee is being held in Prague is indicative of the high level of cooperation between the Organization and the Czech Republic, which attaches great importance to its active involvement in Intersputnik – an international intergovernmental organization offering all kinds of opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of high technologies among states located in various geographic regions and having various levels of economic development.

Within the framework of the approved agenda the Board and the Operations Committee reviewed a wide range of issues related to current operations and development prospects of the organization. The delegates of the session approved the results of Intersputnik’s operation, financial indicators for 2016, and a report on the audit of the organization’s financial and economic performance during the previous year. Much attention was paid to the development of Intersputnik’s international satellite telecommunications system with a focus on the procurement of the organization’s own satellite resource based on new satellites and the maximum possible use of Intersputnik’s orbit and spectrum resource. The delegates of the session were briefed on progress in the implementation of joint satellite projects and prospects of potential cooperation with new partners in using new satellite networks.

The key issue was the election of senior officials - the Chair of the Board, Chair of the Operations Committee and Director General. Mr. Luděk Schneider, Director, Electronic Communications Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Czech Republic on the Board, was elected Chair of the Board, the highest governing body of Intersputnik. Ms. Kzenia Drozdova, Deputy CEO for Business Development of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Satellite Communications Company”, was elected Chair of the Operations Committee responsible for the day-to-day control of Intersputnik’s operations. Mr. Vadim Belov, who has headed Intersputnik for the last 12 years, took office for another 4-year tenure as the newly elected Director General.

Another important question was the election of new members of the Audit Committee. As resolved by the Board and the Operations Committee, the Audit Committee consists of Ms. Le Thi Hien from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Hans-Joachim Schemel from the Federal Republic of Germany, and Mr. František Šebek from the Czech Republic elected Chair of the Audit Committee. The Communications and Information Technology Authority of the Government of Mongolia invited Intersputnik to hold the next joint session of the Board and Operations Committee in Ulaanbaatar in mid-2018.


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