Hub-sharing Ka-band antennas reduce the cost of expanding ground segment capacity

The 5.6m through 9.4m Ka-band earth stations from CPI ASC Signal have a feature found nowhere else. We engineered them to share the same size hub, which sharply reduces engineering and design costs and increases flexibility when you add antennas to expand your Ka-band capacity. The antenna features a computer-optimized, dual-reflector Gregorian optics system and close-tolerance manufacturing to provide an extremely accurate surface contour. The result is exceptionally high gain and closely controlled pattern characteristics. Combined with ASC's patented sub-reflector tracking (SRT), the antennas offer unparalleled tracking performance and the industry's only redundancy for tracking.

The unique design of the pedestal eliminates the need for critical foundation compass orientation. The compact but stiff pedestal provides smooth positioning in an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective package capable of meeting the most exacting demands.


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