TeamCast adds support of the DVB-S2 / GSE format on Green4DAB modulators


TeamCast, the world-renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Satellite Applications, is introducing a GSE input option on its Green4DAB modulators.

Green4DAB is as a very compact, powerful and reliable OEM digital DAB modulator, ready to be integrated within VHF Digital Transmitter designs. The Green4DAB modulator already supports widely-used input standards such as ETI (Ensemble Transport Interface, over G703 or satellite) and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, a standardised IP format) for distributing a DAB signal from the network head-end to the transmitters.

With the new option, Green4DAB now supports EDI over satellite with embedded satellite demodulator and GSE de-encapsulation. GSE (Generic Stream Encapsulation) is a standardised protocol enabling IP packets to be carried on a satellite link, within a DVB-S/S2 signal, in a flexible and efficient way.

This optional feature is compatible with any DVB-S/S2 modulator offering the GSE encapsulation protocol at the network head-end up-link, such as TeamCast’s renowned VYPER family of satellite modulators.

"This new GSE option increases the range of input formats supported by the Green4DAB modulator and brings greater flexibility to network operators’ infrastructure. Furthermore, with the embedded satellite demodulator, the solution is highly compact and cost effective" says Eric PINSON, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast.


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