LeoSat opens office in The Hague

LeoSat constellation

Satellite data communications company LeoSat has established its first European office in The Hague with the assistance of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency. Headquartered in Washington DC, the young but growing company provides a new connectivity solution for the continuing increase in global data traffic. In 2019, the company aims to launch a low-earth-orbit satellite constellation (hence the name ‘LeoSat’, ed.) to provide the first commercially available enterprise grade global data service worldwide. It is the first time that a company is offering connectivity developed specifically for moving large amounts of data around the world with no terrestrial touchpoint.

Vice Mayor Saskia Bruines is happy with the arrival of LeoSat, stressing the importance of new innovative tech companies in The Hague. “LeoSat is a true addition to the growing satellite cluster in The Hague. LeoSat responds to specific customer needs in the Finance, Government, Energy and Maritime sectors, which are all present in The Hague. With their new and unique way of data connectivity combined with absolute security, they really push the envelope in the IT, Technology and the Security industry. LeoSat’s system is built for tomorrow’s data requirements and I am convinced that The Hague will prove to be the right place for them.”

Mark Rigolle, CEO of LeoSat, is looking forward to returning to The Hague, having previously worked in the city for telecom operator BEN and as CEO of O3B Networks. “We believe The Hague will be an excellent location to develop our European operations and create new opportunities for our customers, stakeholders and staff. With The Hague and Randstad region already home to a number of entities specialized in the field of space and satellite communications such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and companies such as SES and O3B Networks, we are looking forward to bringing an additional dimension to this established high tech pool.”

Satellite data market on the rise

LeoSat believes that fast, reliable and ubiquitous data connectivity is required to enable economic growth for everyone worldwide. With an expected 30% annual growth in volume between now and 2025, the satellite data market is on the rise. LeoSat is the first company to provide worldwide coverage with a cost effective, extremely high speed, low latency, strongly secured data network that sets new standards in satellite performance. The system provides point to point data connections to and from anywhere on earth without the need of any terrestrial landings nor transport.

Launch of the constellation

For the construction of their satellite constellation, LeoSat is working with Thales Alenia Space. The launch of the constellation is expected to start in 2019 and be completed by 2022. Recently, LeoSat received funding from Japanese satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT in order to further develop their product and kick-start their business. This investment follows what is now a trend among several of the world’s largest satellite telecom operators to team up with or create their own non-geosynchronous satellite networks. Geosynchronous or “GEO” orbits are traditionally used for video, voice and data communications. LeoSat’s new low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation is closer to earth than satellites in the GEO orbit and they are interlinked via lasers which means no terrestrial touchpoints and allows for lower latency and higher security – all ideal for next generation data connectivity.


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