Satellite Innovation Symposium announces Mark Dankberg and Greg Wyler as keynote speakers

Host SatNews Publishers is pleased to announce that two of the world's leading satellite internet pioneers will be providing individual keynote presentations at the Satellite Innovation Symposium on Monday and Tuesday, October 2nd-3rd 2017.

The Keynote Speaker on Monday will be Mark Dankberg, Co-founder, Chairman, & CEO of ViaSat, Inc. On Tuesday Greg Wyler, Founder and Executive Chairman of OneWeb and Founder of O3b will be the Keynote Speaker. The Symposium is hosted at the Computer History Museum, which is in the heart of Silicon Valley where six of the world’s seven most popular websites are headquartered.

Mark Dankberg is the leading visionary for a new generation of high-capacity satellite systems that are poised to deliver worldwide broadband coverage by 2021. ViaSat is the industry maverick for in-flight connectivity, making headlines with major contracts in recent history, and will continue to grow in dominance with the recent launch of ViaSat-2 on June 1st, 2017. Under Mr. Dankberg’s leadership, ViaSat has consistently been recognized as one of America’s fastest growing technology companies.

Greg Wyler founded OneWeb in 2012, with the goal of connecting every school worldwide by 2022. OneWeb has raised $500 million in it’s A round and $1.2 billion in its B round to develop its constellation, which is looking towards initial activation in 2019. Prior to this, in 2007 Mr. Wyler founded O3b, which raised $1.3 billion for a 12 satellite constellation, a fiber quality backhaul for telecom operators that currently provides the highest capacity and lowest latency combination of any satellites to date.

Mr. Dankberg (2013) and Mr. Wyler (2015) are both recipients of the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Innovator award, given once annually for pioneering new approaches to satellite communications. Other winners of this award include Elon Musk (2011) and Jeff Bezos (2016).

For a complete list of the extraordinary lineup of speakers and sessions, visit:


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