TeamCast’s announcements for IBC 2017


TeamCast, the world-renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, will exhibit its latest solutions for Terrestrial Broadcast and Satellite Transmission at IBC2017.

Two firsts on-show in Terrestrial Broadcast Solutions:

New Turnkey solution for Single Frequency Network in ATSC3.0 associating ENENSYS’ ATSCheduler, a Gateway Scheduler to be at the Network Operating Centre, and TeamCast’s VORTEXII, an exciter to be in each transmitter. The solution insures full interoperability and compatibility with the standard, while being suitable for building Single Frequency Networks.

New signal input format for TeamCast’s Green4DAB modulator. In addition to usual ETI and EDI formats, Green4DAB now supports as an option the EDI over GSE over satellite format, extending the range of solutions for distributing the DAB signal from the network head-end to the DAB transmitters.

And always:

The DVB-T/DVB-T2 TWISTER exciters for upgrading existing DTT transmitters to DVB-T2 and generating Operating Cost Savings thanks to Twister’s highly efficient Digital Pre- Distortion feature.

A first on-show for Satellite Transmission:

New SmartGate satellite Gateway, a DVB-S2/S2X satellite modulator with embedded advanced powerful filtering & routing process, layer 2 or 3 optimized encapsulation and full management of PSI/SI tables. SmartGate is a real IP & Ethernet Gateway with ultra-low latency for VSAT.

And always:

An All-in-One solution for Broadcast Applications, such as Contribution, Distribution and Direct-to-Home, with a range of modulators and demodulators offering full DVB-DSNG and DVB-S/S2/S2X compliance, full CID management, unique high quality – high spectral purity signal generation, and many other features for flexible and cost effective operation.

A Very High Bitrate solution for Broadband applications such as Backhauling, V-SAT, High Throughput Satellites, with the TYGER modulator offering CID management, GSE IP encapsulation, high rates (480 Mbaud) and Time Slicing (Annex M) among other features.

All this will be shown form September 15 to September 20 on TeamCast’s booth 2.B51.


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