Unrivaled precision to perfection – more applications for the popular SRM-3006 from Narda STS with

Narda Safety Test Solutions has added the LTE-TDD option to the latest generation of its highly specialized SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter. This puts the finishing touch to this frequency-selective handheld field strength measuring system, which has long been the benchmark device for rapid, reliable, standard-compliant safety assessments. The code-selective measurement process used in the SRM-3006 makes it possible to automatically and precisely extrapolate for the values of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that occur at maximum traffic load. This is a recognized procedure according to international standards such as ITU-T K.100, IEC 62232 and EN 50492. Now, in addition to UMTS and LTE-FDD, users will also be able to capture and determine LTE-TDD field strengths in the frequency range between 9 kHz and 6 GHz reliably and selectively. In all cases, legally airtight RF immission measurements must take the worst case scenario for human radiation exposure level into account. This means making the measurements at the point where immissions are highest at the time when the equipment is operating at maximum load. The ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) recommends determination of the field strength of signals that vary in power level as RMS values averaged over a 6 minute interval. No value may exceed the limit value during the entire measurement period. Alternatively, the measured values may be extrapolated to the maximum value using a suitable method. The SRM-3006 therefore eliminates the complex post-processing on a PC that would be absolutely necessary if there was no code-selective measurement available. Users have complete flexibility in making the measurement, as it does not depend on the time of day or the level of data traffic through the equipment. This saves time and money. Because frequency resources are limited, LTE-TDD uses the same frequency bands for the uplink and downlink of data traffic between the base station and receiver. With its new option, the SRM-3006 is capable of using the information present in the signal to automatically extrapolate for the maximum overall exposure level and selectively identify signal sources, even for network operators using this particular configuration. The device supplies authorities, mobile service providers and measurement service providers with guaranteed standard compliance and the security that immission protection limit values can be reliably monitored and adhered to. A wide range of pre-configured operating modes simplifies complex measurement routines and helps to prevent errors. This battery powered handheld device is ideal for field use, thanks to its robust casing and the two three-axis measuring antennas designed specially for mobile communications (E field, 27 MHz - 3 GHz and 420 MHz - 6 GHz), with which it forms a compact unit.


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