Spectra Group extends sales partnership with Airbus

Units using SlingShot can maintain secure BLOS PTT comms on the move.

Spectra Group (UK) Ltd has announced an extension of the SlingShot® sales partnership with Airbus.

SlingShot is a cost-effective solution that enables secure BLOS COTM (Beyond Line Of Sight Communications On The Move) using in-service tactical radios connected to a global commercial satellite network provider.

Using SlingShot, existing tactical radios can be connected to commercial L-Band SATCOM in order to extend secure Command & Control COTM for UHF and VHF radios BLOS. Small, lightweight and flexible, SlingShot can be used dismounted or on any transport platform, including fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, extending tactical communications to where it is needed.

With reduced cost compared to other satcom BLOS options, increased channel availability and minimal training burden, SlingShot is redefining tactical communications.

“The ability to communicate from anywhere to anywhere is critical in the military environment. As a leading military communications service provider, it is important for us to have a wide range of solutions in our portfolio to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements. We are pleased to partner with Spectra to offer this unique radio extension capability to complement our already strong portfolio,” said Daz Ware, Head of Sales for UK Land at Airbus.

Steff Taylor, Head of Business Development at Spectra said: "Before the development of SlingShot, military forces and government agencies were limited to line of sight tactical communications on the move.

“Slingshot offers dedicated bandwidth for secure communications while creating a BLOS communications network that can extend over thousands of kilometres. This is a capability that Airbus will be able to offer its customers on a wider basis.

“We are thrilled to extend our strategic relationship with Airbus. Working with its worldwide sales team to supply SlingShot, builds on the two years of successful delivery to the UK. This relationship shows the strength and importance of SlingShot in defence and national security market places.”


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