Global Teleports provides temporary broadband connection for Support Air Ltd

Support Air Ltd, the leading provider of temporary repair site infrastructure and support to the Airline industry, announced today that it is using Global Teleports’ recently launched occasional use broadband service on SES satellite capacity to carry out aircraft repairs in Kaliningrad.

VipNetTM Event, launched this month, enables companies such as Support Air Ltd to use temporary service for the duration of a project or event. It was launched using the Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform.

Support Air Ltd was tasked with providing a fast broadband service for at least two months at a cost that competes with 4G. It will bring much needed connection throughout the important aircraft repairs. Support Air Ltd is using a Holkirk TP120 auto-point flyaway antenna system equipped for ka and ku band operation. This supports 4Mbit/s uplink and an incoming stream at 20MBit/s.

“Global Teleports’ VipNetTM Event service using the Newtec Dialog platform exceeds our clients’ criteria and opens up opportunities for us to provide the Airline industry with a broadband service for short duration jobs where previously it would not have been cost effective” says Danny Coughlin CEO of Support Air Ltd, “We are pleased to be piloting the new service with Global Teleports using SES satellite capacity.”

“We are pleased to be piloting our new service with Support Air Ltd,” commented Roger Boddy, CEO, Global Teleports. “Satellite broadband has become extremely cost-effective and can now truly compete with other technology. This service makes it feasible for those projects where a connection is only needed for a limited timeframe.”

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