Satellite broadband driving socio-economic change

In a brand new report, YahClick and AfricaCom provides an in-depth case study series on the key developments of satellite broadband technology, featuring the successes and major milestones it has reached in bridging the digital divide.

The report draws insight on how satellite connectivity empowers people working in the healthcare sector, with YahClick delivering last mile connectivity to healthcare workers in Kiambu County, as well as enhancing the education sector, by providing e-Learning services in Kanzai, Kenya.

In South Africa, income, education and location determine if you're going to become a part of the digital economy, which is why those living in poor, remote areas are said to be on the wrong side of the digital divide. This is where YahClick comes in by making financial services available for unconnected pensioners, that are now able to access their pension funds through high-speed, reliable satellite broadband.

Discussing the socio-economic impact of satellite connectivity, Yahsat’s Business Development Director Africa, Kevin Viret said:

‘’Satellite broadband connectivity should be available to everyone across the globe and with the launch of this report, we hope to showcase with real-case scenarios how YahClick’s broadband connectivity has helped several businesses, government entities and individuals. We would like to thank the team at AfricaCom for their support and strong dedication in organizing key-events year in, year out.’’ Connecting Africa and AfricaCom Business Development Director, Becky Lyons, commented:

“YahClick are partners at this year’s West Africa Com, Nigeria Com and the 20th anniversary of AfricaCom. To mark their key involvement and successes within the market, we have partnered to profile 7 of their projects to date. We hope you enjoy reading more about the major strides made within the areas of education, conservation, government, healthcare and more”

Report Contents:

  • Kenya: Healthcare in Kiambu County

  • Kenya: Kanzai Primary School

  • South Africa: Government Employees’ Pension Fund (GEPF)

  • South Africa: The National Library

  • South Africa: Outside Broadcast in Remote Areas

  • South Africa: Remote Living with Full Connectivity


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