KT SAT successfully launches Koreasat-5A


Korea’s only satellite operator KT SAT reported that the company has succeeded in launching Koreasat-5A from launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA at 04:34 am on October 31 (KST) .(03:34pm on October 30 local time)

After Koreasat-5A moves into geostationary orbit on November 12 (KST), it will go through transponder and performance testing for one month and provide services in full swing starting next year. Koreasat-5A is a broadcasting and communications satellite that will be placed at 113 degrees east longitude. It was made by Thales Alenia Space, a French satellite manufacturer. SpaceX a United States launch service provider, took the lead in launching the satellite. Koreasat-5A is the first Korean satellite launched by SpaceX.

Koreasat-5A is equipped with global coverage that can provide services to the Philippines, Indochina, and the Middle East in addition to the Korean Peninsula. Furthermore, the satellite is equipped with a Ku-band steerable beam (refer to the definition of terms), to provide customized services to customers’ desired areas, in addition to the above-mentioned areas.

Koreasat-5A is installed with a high-powered global maritime satellite communication-dedicated beam that can connect the East Sea to the South & East China Seas, Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. The satellite will provide stable maritime satellite communication services to the relevant areas and will contribute to expanding KT SAT’s MVSAT (Maritime Very Small Aperture Terminal) services.

Koreasat-5A is KT SAT’s second satellite launched this year, subsequent to Koreasat-7 that was launched successfully in May. As Koreasat-7 can provide services to the Philippines, Indonesia, Indochina, and India, KT SAT will be able to advance into the global satellite market based on its expanded global coverage resources along with Koreasat-5A.

The company is receiving great responses from the global satellite market as well. In 2016, KT SAT signed a Koreasat-5A transponder lease contract with DDISH TV, which is Mongolia’s top ranking satellite TV operator. With a large-scale contract on the use of 4 satellite transponder units for 17 years, Koreasat-5A will provide satellite broadcast services throughout Mongolia. In addition, KT SAT has advanced into the Japanese maritime communication market in August. Through the maritime communication-dedicated beam of Koreasat-5A, it aims to continuously expand the global maritime communication market. Telcos and governments of several countries including Thailand and Pakistan are showing interest in Koreasat-5A.

CEO HAHN Won-sic of KT SAT said, “Koreasat-5A secured service areas encompassing Indochina and the Middle East and has a global maritime communication-dedicated beam, which makes it a resource optimized for global satellite communication and maritime satellite IoT,” and ambitiously added, “KT SAT will become a leading global satellite ICT operator with its optimal satellite resources and excellent human resources. We will construct a satellite IoT, as well as a ubiquitous communication environment related to ground 5G infrastructure.”

KT SAT will strengthen its global coverage through 2 new satellite units that were launched this year. KT SAT declared that it aims to become a top 7 global satellite operator by 2020.


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