Two new officers joining KSF Space Foundation

KSF Space

KSF Space announcing two new officers joining the foundation, Ronnie Bernaard, Los Angeles, CA, R&D officer and Jim Primrose, from River Side, CA as financial officer.

Ronnie Barnard,KSF Space R&D officer, global technology executive and evangelist with an unparalleled history of catapulting innovative technology-based products and solutions into sustainable growth, propelling multimillion-dollar revenue gains and generating traction in highly competitive international markets. Ronnie has a comprehensive background includes cutting-edge Programming, Application Design & Development, IT Management, Enterprise Architecture, and Systems Deployment fueled by deep desire to design cost-effective business solutions that generate an impressive return on investment. He was running multi-national operations within diverse industries in South Africa, Bahrain, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, include driving start-up revenue from $800K per year to $3.4 Million, and engineering monthly growth for a large financial firm from R100 Million to R1.5 Billion.

Jim Primrose, KSF Space financial officer with background in entrepreneurship and consulting, extensive experience with sales, marketing, compliance and executive account management for fundraising with many organizations. He was behind creating the Regional Chamber of Commerce, extensive partnership workings with CITD (Center of International Trade & Development with the USA, sitting on multiple manufacturers councils, and working with fortune 100 companies and US Government Agencies, and currently working on a contract with the University California Riverside Extension as the Director of New Initiatives and Corporate Partnerships.

KSF Space Foundation was initially founded to enable cost-efficient access to LEO with zero-environmental impact flying solutions. The foundation offers access to near-space and LEO for research and scientific experiments in many fields, as Earth or Space Observation, biological testing, satellite positioning detection, earth magnetic field measurement, radio transmit, atmosphere science and technology experiment.

KSF Space Foundation also announced the launch of the world's first "NEP Certification" for space education and the space industry.

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