Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announces 9-1-1 Industry Professional Award Winner Roger Marshall

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced today that a member of its Safety & Security Technologies group, which is part of Comtech's Commercial Solutions segment, has been named 9-1-1 Industry Professional in the 15th Annual 9-1-1 Honor Awards. Hosted by the NG911 Institute, a not-for-profit organization supporting the efforts of the Congressional NextGen 911 Caucus, this event acknowledges and celebrates heroes and leaders in the 9-1-1 field who exemplify dedication, heroism, and/or leadership in one of six categories.

Roger Marshall, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Comtech Safety & Security Technologies, is the 2018 recipient of the 9-1-1 Industry Professional Award. This particular award recognizes individuals for their leadership, professionalism, initiative, creativity, and diligence, in solving a critical 9-1-1 issue, with a particular emphasis on those whose efforts have advanced NG9-1-1.

For over 17 years, Roger Marshall has been a leader in the development of key industry standards that have shaped the successful integration of evolving public safety communications. He has led or participated in numerous conferences, boards, and working groups for industry organizations such as ATIS, CSRIC, CTIA, IETF, NENA, and more recently APCO and 3GPP. Over the past year, Roger was instrumental in the progression, if not completion, of several standards critical to 9-1-1 efforts, including the NENA i3 baseline, Additional Data, and the NG9-1-1 GIS addressing standard.

"Roger's expertise spans all facets of 9-1-1 related technology," said Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. "Extremely knowledgeable in many different disciplines, he also possesses a gift for developing language for technical standards. His vision, collaboration, and hard work have benefited our company and our industry, including Comtech's customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors alike. Comtech is honored that the Institute is recognizing Roger's critical efforts in standards development to support and advance our nation's 9-1-1 system."


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