SpaceX launches Tesla Roadster into space on Falcon Heavy

SpaceX has successfully launched the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle into orbit, delivering its cargo, the Tesla Roadster, into orbit.

The three-stage Falcon Heavy, the first heavy-lift capability launch vehicle seen in space in decades, is set to change the path of human space exploration. The three-stage reusable launch vehicle exceeded expectations during the launch - the first two stages were successfully re-landed, while the third was lost during the attempted re-land at sea due to too high speeds. SpaceX has stated that it expects to cut launch costs from tens of billions to US$90 million with the Falcon Heavy, compared with US$1 billion for NASA's comparable SLS rocket (currently under development).

The Falcon Heavy successfully launched its ostentatious cargo, a Tesla Roadster, towards Mars; however, due to slight overthrust, the Roadster is unlikely to orbit Mars as planned. Its current trajectory is uncertain, although it could well end up in an asteroid belt.


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