Anevia unveils cloud monitoring platform and scrambling over coax support for head-end

Anevia, a leading provider in software head-ends for live and on-demand TV, has released the latest firmware update for its Flamingo head-end solution, which includes support for scrambling over coaxial connections and a bespoke cloud monitoring platform.

Scrambling over coaxial connections allows businesses within the hospitality industry to apply an additional layer of security to all content being streamed over a coaxial connection through the use of several digital rights management (DRM) technologies. The new update will support DRM technologies from TV displays of three brands that are widely used in hotels around the world: Samsung, Philips and LG.

Another major new feature is the introduction of a cloud platform, which allows hotel chains and other large corporations within the hospitality industry to monitor all Flamingo head-ends that have been deployed across its facilities. This allows users to manage these head-ends from a central location, identify any potential issues with individual units and ensure maximum uptime across all facilities. In some cases, users can solve Flamingo head-end issues remotely from within the cloud platform.

Damien Lucas, CTO, Anevia, says: “This is one of the most significant firmware updates we have ever released for the Flamingo head-end — the new features really take things to the next level, particularly from a security point of view. The ability to scramble over coax is something that’s currently in high demand from hotels looking to protect their content — especially anything in 4K/UHD quality — so we’re pleased that all our customers using Flamingo head-ends will now be able to enjoy an additional level of reassurance regarding the safety of that content.

“The introduction of a bespoke cloud platform is also nothing short of a game-changer, providing operators with a bird’s-eye view of all the Flamingo head-ends they’re using across any number of hotels or buildings. This makes monitoring and managing these units much easier, and over time we will continue to tweak and improve this platform to include even more features and functionalities.”

The new Flamingo firmware update from Anevia is available for all customers to download today. Anevia is exhibiting at ISE in Amsterdam (6-9 February) on booth 8-K470. For more information, visit


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