Thaicom launches Nava™ maritime service platform

Thaicom launches Nava™ maritime service platform

Thaicom has announced the introduction of Nava™, the company’s new maritime service platform for ship and offshore operators. With the launch of Nava, Thaicom is expanding its broadband service platform to support the maritime industry’s digital transformation.

Thaicom Nava is a high-speed broadband service designed to connect everyone and everything at sea, enabling efficient vessel operations and connecting crew and passengers to high-speed internet anywhere and anytime. The new Nava maritime service platform can support very high data rates able to provide fiber-to-the-ship (FTTS™) like connectivity to enable the digital ship of the future.

Paiboon Panuwattanawong, Chief Executive Officer of Thaicom Public Company Limited: “Nava is Thaicom’s new flagship mobility service for broadband business and part of our vision to transform the company into a leading digital platform operator and provider of digital services. With our more than 25 years of experience and expertise in the satellite industry, Thaicom is seeking new business opportunities and is able to contribute to the digital transformation in various industries. Especially at sea satellite communications is the only way to connect crew and vessel. We launch Nava to address these limitations. Nava will help create a unique user experience for our customers and will strengthen Thaicom as a leading satellite communications provider. With Nava, Thaicom is able to support the digital transformation at sea.”

Commented Ekachai Phakdurong, Senior Vice President, Media and Retail Business of Thaicom: “We believe our new Nava maritime service platform will enable a broadband experience previously unavailable to the maritime industry due to its end-to-end service value proposition and high bit rate capability for even the most demanding applications. Nava will provide the best maritime service experience possible even when you are in the middle of the sea, offering secure, resilient networks, and 7/24 customer support. Thaicom has been committed to offering digital services to meet customers’ needs. These services are powered by our broadband satellite platform to deliver high-speed internet with wide area satellite coverage in Asia Pacific. Thaicom Nava is the result of bringing satellite technology to remote areas without access to communication networks.”

He further added: “Today, we are launching three Nava solutions. While Nava™ Ship Manager offers asset and engine monitoring, fuel advice, and maintenance planning to improve operational efficiency and productivity, Nava™ Connect provides high-speed internet connectivity for vessel operations, crew, and passengers. And Nava™ Media provides access to online entertainment, social media, and training on board. In the beginning, we plan to offer Nava service in high growth markets including Japan and Thailand due to our strong market position in the maritime sector there. In the future, we will introduce Nava in other countries as well. We look forward to cooperating with our business partners to develop our new maritime service platform further.”

Thaicom is a trusted partner for satellite communications services since 1991. The company has many years of experience in providing the aviation and maritime industries with customized satellite communications that help transform operations and enable growth in the digital age. With Thaicom Nava the company’s customers can now build upon this experience and meet the increasing data demand at sea.


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