World first VL-SNR satellite transmissions at Satellite 2018 by TeamCast

World first VL-SNR satellite transmissions at Satellite 2018 by TeamCast

TeamCast has announced a new version of its well known and recognised VYPER platform for Satellite Transmission. In addition to the support of many DVB-S2X features such as low roll-off values, high baudrates, and efficient constellations, the new version brings the support of the Very Low SNR modes of SVB-S2X, allowing robust mobile satellite communication / transmission in harsh environment. With these VL-SNR modes, the signal can be received even when it is several dBs below the noise.

VL-SNR transmission is the solution of choice today for developing mobile services through satellite transmission. It makes the antenna system much more simple and opens many new applications such as internet services for trains, aircrafts, ships, etc.

With emerging market opportunities, VL-SNR chipsets are coming soon for mass commercial deployment. This professional DVB-S2X VL-SNR modulation platform is the best tool for chipset validation, experiments and first commercial deployment.

“Once again, we believe TeamCast is at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of this world’s first VL-SNR modulator, for developing new satellite services and helping our customers to generate new revenues” says Christophe Trolet, head of the Satellite Business Unit at TeamCast.


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