Satellite Applications Catapult deploys Cloudian for limitlessly scalable storage

Cloudian, the innovation leader in enterprise object storage systems, today announced that Satellite Applications Catapult, a U.K.-based innovation company helping businesses of all sizes realise the potential of space, has replaced its legacy NAS storage systems with the Cloudian HyperStore object storage system and the HyperFile NAS controller.

Since it was founded in 2013, the organisation’s NAS device estate had steadily grown to a point where data centre footprint was becoming a premium. With future predicated data acquisition rates expecting to double from 5PB of unstructured data to an estimated 10PB per year, a new solution was required. Satellite Applications Catapult initially installed four Cloudian appliances saving nearly 75 percent on data centre footprint, reducing the rack space needed for this capacity from 60U to just 16U.

The move also gave Satellite Applications Catapult limitless scalability to cope with future storage growth. HyperStore allows the company to expand its storage as needed by adding nodes that are automatically incorporated into its storage pool. The HyperFile NAS controller deployed with HyperStore provides the functionality of traditional enterprise NAS, including seamless connectivity with Windows and Linux-based applications.

The switch also slashed the company’s support costs by 40 percent compared to the cost of supporting its NAS storage arrays. In addition, savings on power and cooling alone nearly offset the cost of the new storage hardware.

“With satellites gathering more data year on year and at higher resolutions, we saw data acquisition rates double, highlighting our need for a more scalable, more affordable storage solution,” said Robert Fletcher, head of infrastructure at Satellite Applications Catapult. “The Cloudian system installed quickly, connected flawlessly with our file-based applications and immediately started saving us time and money.”

“We are thrilled that Satellite Applications Catapult selected Cloudian and can now capitalise on the limitless scalability and broad interoperability of this solution,” said Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian. “Because it is compatible with all unstructured data types, Cloudian enterprise storage lets the company consolidate information to a single cost-effective, high-density system, saving them precious space, cost and management time.”


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