A commercial settlement on the Moon is possible – International Institute of Space Commerce announce


In this second decade of the 21st Century, a commercial settlement on the Moon is possible.

The International Institute of Space Commerce (IISC), the world’s leading open source think tank on the economics and commerce of space, brought together 20 of the world’s leading thinkers on spaceflight and asked if a commercial settlement on the Moon would be possible.

They found that a private settlement on the Moon is surprisingly feasible, and even cost-effective, and offers the best chance of success for a return to the Moon – and by definition, settlement beyond.

The executive summary of the Lunar Economic Action Plan (LEAP) study, published today, can be viewed at https://iisc.im/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/LEAP-Exec-Summary.pdf

The study suggests that technology is not the issue, but rather economics. By leveraging the strengths of private industry and private capital, via the use of Public Private Partnerships and Mega Funds, the provision of public science and exploration of the Moon can be both enhanced and ensured.

Rob Alexander, IISC Executive Director, said: “Engineers and mission designers have long known that the Moon would be the best outpost from Earth from which we could access the cosmos.

“The argument ‘we've been there before’ is not a good enough reason to justify ignoring the Moon in our society's exploration and development. The LEAP is intended to further justify this strategy economically, as well as outlining the policy needs that we should follow for the benefit of our expanding, beyond just a global economy. We're pleased that the world's major governments are starting to take notice, and we should be seeing the benefits within the next 10 years.”

IISC Board Member Chris Stott said: “Any return to the Moon would take advantage of both new technologies and the new economics of the space age. The LEAP was created to examine this possibility.

“What is exciting is that we have the technology for a settlement on the Moon, that is not an issue. We can make this happen. What needs to be considered is the economics, the business plan, and the regulatory issues that would arise. But all this is solvable.”


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