Media Broadcast Satellite extends its high performance services on Intelsat EpicNG to meet rising de

Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS), the industry-leading teleport based in Usingen, Germany, has announced that it has extended its services on Intelsat’s Epic satellite network that will enable the company to deliver high-performance connectivity for today’s most demanding applications.


In a world that is becoming increasingly connected, and increasingly data-centric, the capability to deliver fast and affordable connectivity is essential. Access to voice, data and video services anywhere is an accepted part of daily life. This is being driven by the aero sector for operational and inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) purposes; for maritime, as cruise and other fleet operators strive to connect passengers and crew; and for governmental communications that are mission critical and must be secure and accessible anywhere.


Media Broadcast Satellite is now operating services over the IS-33 Epic satellite at 60°East using a 9m antenna in Ku-band; the IS-35 Epic satellite at 34.5°West using a 5.6m antenna in Ku-band; and the IS-37 Epic satellite at 18°West using a 19m antenna in C-band from its cutting-edge teleport. Additional Epic satellites to be added to the teleport such as IS-29e are currently being evaluated by the technical team in Usingen.


“The HTS capacity that is offered by the Epic system will enable Media Broadcast Satellite to meet the explosion in demand for mobility services, especially in the aero, maritime and government sectors,” explains Sven Sünberg, Managing Director, MBS. “There is insatiable demand for connectivity over land, sea and air. We live in an age where people will select an airline based on whether the carrier can offer IFEC services or a cruise based on their ability to stay in touch with friends and family. For government and defence, this kind of seamless, ubiquitous connectivity is essential from an operational perspective. Through Intelsat Epic, we can offer the performance required to deliver these services to our customers.”


Media Broadcast Satellite has 40 years’ experience in the delivery of communications solutions, worldwide. With a focus on quality and customer service, the company delivers 99.99% availability of services and provides a secure, interference free environment with a team of dedicated engineers.


“With this new capability, we look forward to serving the growing mobility sector, enabling our customers to deliver even the most bandwidth-hungry applications no matter where they happen to be,” concluded Sünberg.


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